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Full Email that resulted in Bureaucrats being able to flag bot accounts. From Uberfuzzy (one of the wiki's favortie Staff, the other of course being Sannse).

On 2009-06-05 19:57:25, (''Email Removed'') wrote:
> I've always wondered why only Wikia staff/Helpers are able to grant
>    the bot setting. On the RuneScape Wiki
>    ( we are quite
>    independent and self-operating in most areas, we even have four
>    administrators with the Checkuser ability (which has eliminated the
>    last issue that force us to constantly contact staff). Therefore I
>    must ask, if our administrators are trusted even to have the
>    checkuser ability, our bureaucrats the ability to desysop
>    (something I honestly never expected to happen), and both the
>    ability to protect the entire site from editing for up to 24 hours,
>    why do we lack the simple (by our standards, atleast) ability to
>    flag a bot? Many thanks for your time.

Hi Azaz129. You bring up many good points. This is actually something we have been looking into for
a long time.

In the past, there were technical restrictions that many it very cumbersome to setup these rules for
who can add/remove what, even more so on a per-wiki basis. We've made advances in that field in the
past months and we can now somewhat adjust them in a better format.

As you and your wiki has shown in the past, a large stable community can exist and be fairly self
sufficient at Wikia, with little need from staff/helper intervention. This is a dream of ours, to
have more wikis run themselves, allowing us to focus our finite amount of time and resources on the
sites that actually need it. Sadly, your wiki is an exception in many ways, not the norm.

As with the checkuser, we've shown that we're willing to try things out, to break away from the
mentality of "how things were done in the past" to see how they fair in the ever evolving world of
wikis, and to get some real world data on how a stable wiki will react if allowed more rights.
You've been great test of our theoretical worries about granting checkuser where needed.

Done. You bureaucrats can now add and remove bot rights.

One thing We've always admired about your wiki is even though you have a way above average number of
sysops, you have managed to keep the bureaucrat list small, showing that you understand what that
roll is meant for, and not just another checkbox. We hope to continue to see good things come out of
runescape, and can continue to use it as a shining example of our dream.


Chris "Uberfuzzy" Stafford
Wikia Community and Technical Support Team
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