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This sub-page will be used for discussion of the scope of individualism amongst administrators

Diversity vs specialization[edit | edit source]

I am a huge believer in "diversity makes us better". A vast assemblage of ideas and thoughts that could not occur to any one, or even a few of us, can spark so much more in other, even better, ideas. Our individualism is what allows, and is primarily responsible for, the extreme diversity of the scope of projects one can find within these pages. This is one of the prime reasons I believe that our admins must also be very individualistic in our approach to this wiki, and the tasks we will choose to undertake. What good if we were all great script writers? What good if we all were pure antivandals? What good if we all pushed community events and didn't edit? Not much good at all. We each need to recognize that all parts are necessary for this wiki to be the great one that it is. We need to embrace that diversity, and reach out to find more of those who have thoughts and ideas different from our own, and bring them to us to make us even better. I do not pretend for a moment that all of these types of people will like all of the others. Some will find others too brash, some will find others too meek. Some will push for changes, some will fight any changes. But recognizing what the others can do for this community will keep us growing. And that is also essential to keep us from stagnating. A community that does not accept change will eventually wither away as people leave and no new ones come. We must not only stop that from happening, we must push to be the very opposite.--Degenret01 06:16, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

Discussion[edit | edit source]

I tend to agree. I think people look too often for all sysops being robots that will do everything exactly the same, and always have a fix for any problem. (Although most sysops generally do-thanks guys.) We have a lot of sysops (and users-but this is about sysops) that are strong in certain areas, and watching them do something is purely amazing. It's like an art, and they make it look beautiful. Diversity is what makes the community. HaloTalk 22:19, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

I think that this is a simple case of diversification vs. specialization. Whereas in RuneScape, diversification provides distinct advantages - training a number of skills will open up a lot more doors than focusing on only one skill - I feel that the opposite is true for the wiki. While all administrators should be comfortable with the tools they have and the many roles they are asked to play, many do their best work in the individual areas in which they excel. I'm going to date myself here, but what would the wiki be the levelheadedness that Dtm brings to discussions or Ilyas' gregariousness which helped bring the whole wiki together? One of the wiki's greatest advancements and one of its more prominent features to this day is the Grand Exchange Market Watch and its corresponding namespace, and the templates which utilize that data to provide our articles up-to-the-minute cost/benefit analysis. All of this is thanks to one Robert Horning, who lent his expertise to its creation. Every administrator should be dedicated, but just like in the job market where we spend years developing one skill set, specialization is the key to success. Slayer-icon.png Gangsterls Divination-icon.png talk 03:41, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry, didn't notice that this discussion wasn't "open." Slayer-icon.png Gangsterls Divination-icon.png talk 03:43, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

Very agreeable. Diversity is what gives us our success and uniqueness compared to other fansites. However, we are not pursuing uniqueness and individualism enough in our RfAs. I see many opposers reasoning that the nominee does not participate in enough (almost all) aspects of the Wiki. Unfortunately no-one can do everything just as well. 222 talk 11:32, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

A problem that I keep seeing is that users seem to view adminship as a trophy or award for users who are active in the community and have been on the wikia for a while. In addition to this, i see users making lists such as "my favorite admins" or "a list of helpful admins" as though you don't exist until you become an admin. In-fact, I can't think of a single user who has been active for a year without becoming an admin, can you? This makes adminship seem like something that every devoted wikian has, rather then just the small number of wikians who need the tools. Third age robe top.png 3rd age farcaster Third age druidic robe top.png 01:42, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

swiz has been here for 16months. (just thought i'd point that out). Hunter cape (t).png Sentra246Blue hallowe'en mask.png 07:02, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

Comment - Individualism does have a downside. Administrators do things in their own personal way, meaning that many of said activities lack clear standards. The most prominent example of this occurs in dealing with vandalism: depending on the administrator, edits may be undone or reverted. Furthermore, whether or not the vandal is blocked has quite a lot to do with who reverted the edit. There are administrators who are more lenient (such as Degen or Gaz), and those who are more harsh (such as myself or 3i+1). I sometimes block a vandal after the first edit (if the edit involved inappropriate adult material), usually after two edits, and almost always after three bad edits. On the other hand, other sysops refuse to block vandals until it is quite clear that the vandal is on a spree and has no intention of stopping, usually after several edits. I won't name any names here, but I've witnessed that many times.

Of course, using judgment like that is part of a sysop's job. However, the number of individual standards that we have could potentially open us to allegations of unfairness or discrimination. But, diversity is valuable, is it not? That's all I have to say on this matter. --LiquidTalk 17:39, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

Comment - Everybody on a football team has a different job to do -- so long as they're all working toward putting points on the board for the team, everything will work out fine. Editors, and especially Admins, have a lot of different options in how to make a contribution. I'd just like to see less "ball-hogging". You become a star by helping your team, not creating your own franchise. (Lol, sorry.) --Sw0rd1914 19:59, August 19, 2010 (UTC)