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Hey I'm Axela40 (RSN is now Mookie Evan). I'm going to post more stuff here later, leave a message on my talk page if you need anything. I don't play runescape as much as I would like to nowadays due to school and other irl work, but I still manage to get on pretty frequently so feel free to pm me ingame if you need something. My Skype name is if you want to chat on Skype. Keep up with me here.

It is currently(GMT):21:31 on Saturday the 27

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Fun Things to do[edit | edit source]

Pony Quiz! Tell me what you got here.

Raze and Raze 2 are great games.

Crush the Castle has killed my xp/hour. How far can you get?

Sign my guestbook!

About me[edit | edit source]

  • I love Slayer, my favorite tasks are either Metal Dragons, LRC or Wyrms.
  • 99 cooking was my first, and so far only, 99.
  • My favorite bank location is Edgeville.
  • The most expensive drop I have gotten from a monster soloing is a Focus Sight.
  • I love going to Wiki Events and meeting new people.
  • My favorite drink is Mountain Dew.
  • I'll lend you any item I'm not using for free, anytime.
  • I play RS during very odd hours of the day.
  • I am obsessed with order and will map out my skill goals and prices to see what I need to do or save up for. I have many pieces of paper with this "video game stuff" (per parents) on it.
  • My weapon of choice is an Abyssal Vine Whip.
  • Sugar makes me very hyper.
  • I have no patience for 80 dungeoneering.
  • I buy thousands of Maple Logs to sit and fletch when I'm doing homework.
  • Apperently the words that describe me best are 'potato' and 'pony'.
  • I lost 20m in a scam in Winter 2011 when free trade returned. :(
  • I farm toadflax when I remember to.
  • I am currently hoarding effigies @ 14. (updated: 2/11/12)
  • My favorite skills are: Farming, Slayer and Magic.
  • I enjoy killing bots in the Forinthry Dungeon.
  • My favorite PKing method is blitzing/barraging/G MAUL [email protected]@@.
  • I do indeed like ponies.
  • I will always congratulate people when I see them level up.
  • I like to troll assist people by asking for farming, then recharging my Polypore Staff.
  • My current Auras are: Reverence(T1), Jack of Trades and Surefooted(T1).
  • My Hati Paws for 2012 were used on 88-90 attack at Armored Zombies.
  • Kuradal is my Slayer Master.
  • I like reading GrindScape comics.
  • I have lost over 10m in price changes of items over the years.
  • Bunyips and Terror Birdies are my favorite familiars.
  • My first Kuradal task was 243 Greater Demons. Bad first impression.
  • I still use my first Abyssal Whip that I purchased in Winter 2010 for 3,280,000gp. Yes I wrote down the price when I got it.
  • I fail at merching or flipping 90% of the time.
  • The computer I use is very bad and unreliable. It is old and will run anywhere from 2-6 fps depending on what mood it is in.
  • My favorite subject in school is math.
  • I love skyping with people while playing rs.
  • I think the half-charged Polypore Staff looks cooler than the fully charged one.
  • Bagels are my favorite snack food.
  • I cannot remember which seeds are worth keeping and which are not. All I know is that snapdragon and torstol are keepers, rest get price checked :D
  • My favorite random event is the Abyssal Services. 1) because it is quick and easy. 2) the appendages make me lol.
  • I started rs some time in 2005. I killed literally thousands of Al Kharid Guards as a f2p. I got to 60 attack and def on them over the course of about 4 years. Also got 43 Prayer off of their bones..... *facepalm* so much time wasted back then..
  • Mookie. Dem good ol days.
  • I like almost any kind of music. Top most listened to genres: Rock, Techno, Dubstep, House and Electronic.
  • I like messing with strangers on Omegle.
  • Ponies. Again? Who said that >.>
  • I play xbox live. My gamertag is ClawedErmine9, add me if you want to play. No, I do not play Cock of Dooty. Favorite games on xbox are Skyrim and Halo.
  • Pizza and caek are delicious.
  • Can't wait for Halo 4 :D
  • My Goals for Summer 2012: Start a vid series, make an awesome Treasure Trail guide for clues, make this userpage more epic, get all 80s, get 95 prayer...more
  • I got 99 Attack on April 1st, 2012.
  • Moar Later!

Setups and Gear[edit | edit source]

Favorite Melee Setup (2/11/2012):

Favorite Range Setup (2/11/2012):

Favorite Mage Setup (2/11/2012):

Specs and Stats[edit | edit source]

Evan E
Total level: 1,947
Attack 99 Constitution 95 Mining 65
Strength 83 Agility 71 Smithing 67
Defence 88 Herblore 67 Fishing 74
Ranged 89 Thieving 62 Cooking 99
Prayer 78 Crafting 71 Firemaking 77
Magic 95 Fletching 70 Woodcutting 80
Runecrafting 80 Slayer 88 Farming 75
Construction 70 Hunter 60 Summoning 76
Dungeoneering 68 Divination N/A Invention N/A
Attack style icon fixed.png 126 Quest icon fixed.png 221 Task icon fixed.png 299
Music icon fixed.png 598

Goals and Achievements[edit | edit source]

Attack 100%
0 levels
Strength 53%
83  90 
7 levels
Defence 85%
88  90 
2 levels
Constitution 68%
95  99 
4 levels
Ranged 93%
89  90 
1 level
Magic 70%
95  99 
4 levels
Prayer 20%
78  95 
17 levels
Summoning 78%
76  79 
3 levels
Slayer 100%
0 levels
Farming 61%
75  80 
5 levels

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Wdf Pics[edit | edit source]

Wdf moments in rs: