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Date Event Change Reserves
28th August 2011 Started money counting N/A 20,186,896 gp
28th August 2011 Bought some feathers(2k), eye of newts (3k), vials (2k) (1k watered) -68,605 gp 20,118,291 gp
28th August 2011 Bought 3450 swamp tar -236,175 gp 19,882,116 gp
28th August 2011 Sold herb tars, rest of swamp tar and some stuff from bank 762,431 gp 20,644,547 gp
28th August 2011 Battlestaves and some item flipping 392,073 gp 21,036,620 gp
18th January 2012 Battlestaves and daily sold stuff from bank 18,395,719 gp 39,432,339 gp