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Also known as Woodchopping, or Woodcutting

Overview[edit | edit source]

Back in the original Runescape, woodchopping was not a popular skill, as there were only regular trees to cut, and logs were only good for making fires. Since they added the different trees, Woodcutting suddenly become super popular. It has since become the primary target for Macroing

This is a super simple skill, perhaps the most simple skill of all. All you do is click on a tree and you'll start chopping. You then get logs and exp. Super simple, there is no art to this skill at all. You don't even have to compete with other choppers over a tree.

This is the most outrageous skill in Runescape. The tree huggers (i.e. Farmers) love trees and will go through anything to save the forest. Unfortunately, many Farmers are also Woodcutters. Another reason is because of the amount of abuse that the macros has done to this skill.

About Woodchoppers[edit | edit source]

bots, mostly

Training[edit | edit source]

Below 60[edit | edit source]

Chop willows in Draynor Village

Above 60[edit | edit source]

Chop willows in Draynor Village