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Ahh mining... This is probably the most profitable skill available to F2Ps. However, it is not an easy skill to raise.

Powermining[edit | edit source]

There is a method called "Powermining" which just means that you mine your ore, but you don't bank them. You'd instead drop them on the ground or give it to another player. The drawback of this method is of course you lose the ores you mine, and also very boring. Iron and coal are commonly used for powermining.

Powermining Iron[edit | edit source]

Recommended for level 41 all the way to 99.

Other requirements:
  • Rune Pickaxe

For powermining iron, the best site is in the scorpion pit in Al-Kharid, where there are 3 rocks clumped together. This is an excellent spot, but often other powerminers will fight you to get the spot

The best way to do this here is if you have iron runners taking away your iron, so you don't have to drop them. Try to get 3 people working for you at the same time

Superheating[edit | edit source]

Superheating is another way to go. With superheat item, you can mine for longer without banking but still keep the ores you mine in the form of bars. If money is the least of your concern, then powermining is still the way to go.

Superheating Mith[edit | edit source]

Recommended for level 55 to 70

Other Requirements:
  • Smithing Level 50
  • Magic Level 43
  • Nature Runes
  • Fire Staff

The best site to do this is the Mining Guild, but if you can't enter the Mining Guild yet, the mine west of Lumbridge Swamp is an alternative. Mith bars sell for 1k-1.1k normally, or you can choose to smith them, but that is another story.

Superheating Adamantite[edit | edit source]

Recommended for level 70 to 85

Other Requirements:
  • Smithing Level 70
  • Magic Level 43
  • Nature Runes
  • Fire Staff
  • Brass Key?

There are 2 sites suitable for doing this. The West Lumbridge Swamp, and Edgeville Dungeon mine.

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