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Most useless skill out of all, and forest burning is fucking illegal in real life, but oh well.

About Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Firemaking is the art of arsonry.

About Firemakers[edit | edit source]

Firemakers burn logs, which are cut from trees. Woodchoppers and Firemakers (some people are both) work hand in hand to de-forest Runescape. They will never succeed though. Possibly this is thanks to Guthix.

Firemakers have sheer determination to train such a boring skill. They are among the most unregarded skillers. For example you get A LOT more respect for having 99 Hitpoints than having 99 Firemaking. To be a firemaker, you must have nothing better to do, therefore an uninteresting life.

Firemaker: "Has no life"

What to burn[edit | edit source]

Below Level 30[edit | edit source]

you're not worth it

Level 30+: Willows[edit | edit source]

Willow logs give 90 exp to firemaking and is really cheap. On the street it's 25-30 each and on stores 12 each.

Bring about 50k or more and go to Lumbridge general store. There's a shitload of willows there and occasionally yews. Buy them from the shop and burn them on the strip next to the store. They're 12 each, so it's a really economic way to level up.

Level 45+ Maple[edit | edit source]

Maple logs is somewhere between the cheapness of Willow and the great exp of Yews. Unfortunately there isn't any of this tree in the F2P world, but it's not a member's object. Jagex probably made some wrong decision in the past regarding this type of logs. They are worth 70-100 each and gives 135 exp. For the long run (i.e., if you're going for 99 Firemaking), I'd say this is the type of logs to burn. I myself do this. Ah and, I personally love maple trees, not that I'm a Canada-phile.

Buy maples from members at 70 each. To do this, go to the official runescape forums and search threads for "selling maple logs". Look for someone who sells for 70 each or less. If there isn't one just check back the next day. You'll need about 90k of them to get to level 99 at this point, so don't bother with people who're only selling in 1k quantities.

Yew[edit | edit source]

After level 60 you can burn yews, yes, but it is hard to chop and the street price are quite expensive (because fletchers can make yew longbows from them). You can burn them if you like. They give 202.5 exp each. Great exp. If you are a great money-maker, you might want to consider burning this instead of maples. You will need 63,017 of these to get from 60 to 99. If they were 300 each, that would cost you 18,905,100 gp.

Where to burn[edit | edit source]

If you buy your logs, you'd have to store them in bank before burning them. The question is, which bank is most efficient? There aren't that great of a difference and it's a small factor to consider. However, there are good sites and bad sites. Here's a list:

  • Lumbridge Castle
Outlook: Worst, a hell of noobs and no space to burn
  • Draynor Village
Outlook: Good, 2 long strips, but this is a popular site due to proximity to the willow trees
  • Falador West
Outlook: Grim, a useless bank anyway.
  • Falador East
Outlook: Great, there are several strips usable, and not many noobs.
  • Edgeville
Outlook: Gay, A lot of people train firemaking here, but the only advantage of this place is that there are no noobs. Firemakers and cooks often have a heart-to-heart talk here. They have what you call a Symbiosis Commensalism.
  • Varrock West
Outlook:Excellent, possibly the best place to firemake. After the new Varrock update, this had become even better. The flower patch is gone, and the blocking door to the anvils now open inwards.
  • Varrock East
Outlook:Fair, not the best, however not so bad either. But I don't recommend this site because there are better ones
  • Al Kharid-
Outlook:Dry, Beware of arabs nearby

Overall the best sites are Falador East and Varrock West

How to Burn[edit | edit source]

I assume that you already know how to 'powerlight', or whatever it is called. This section will contain little tips and tricks to make firemaking easier beyond that.

Pen Tablet[edit | edit source]

I have a pen tablet at home, which is actually for drawing on computer, but I have found that it works well for firemaking. For this particular activity, using a pen tablet requires less effort than clicking a mouse. I set the mode to the tablet mode, not the mouse mode, however, this is a matter of preference.

By the way, if you don't have one, it's not worth buying one just for this. It's not cheap.

Turn off distractions[edit | edit source]

Turn off public chat, private chat, trade option. They only make you lose pace. About real-life distractions, that's your own problem.

How to counter the boredom[edit | edit source]

You wish a machine would do the firemaking for you, right? Too bad you'll get banned for that. But you can be the machine yourself. Shut off your mind while firemaking.

Also, a long playlist of music will help you stay on track for longer.

Shit that can happen while burning[edit | edit source]

Often you will burn too fast, resulting in 2 logs being dropped, but only one burned. Depending on the time gap between the actions, you will either move on, or take a step in the opposite direction. This is how you fail. But it's not that bad, really.

Doors are roadblocks. You will encounter this is the Draynor Village and Varrock strips. The door in varrock west smithing place is stuck and can't be closed.

Fags, or other players, sometimes will light a log in your path just to piss you off. For revenge, ask them a question like "Where can I shop online?" or "Where can I download Limewire from?" and report them for website advertising so they get banned.