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Since I can now use the best slayer master, I though I would keep a log on the best drops I get, and how I obtained them (My Iron drags got changed due to Smoking Kills)

Monster Amount Used Best drop
Iron Dragons 47 Magic Rune darts
Earth Warriors 33 Melee 1 Kuarm
Crocodiles 44 Melee Nothing
Lesser demons 114 Range 1 Rune Med
Wall beast 17 Melee Mithril full helm
Zygomite 33 Melee Mithril full helm
Trolls 157 Melee Half a key, Granite shield
Basilisk 125 Melee 6 Rannars
Kalphites 112 Melee Addy Med Helm
Zygomite 29 Melee 5 Mort myre fungii
Black Demon 141 Ranged Coins
Iron dragon 43 Magic Addy b-axe(2)
Kalphites 171 Melee 2 Rannars
Fire giant 198 Range 3 Fire bstaves,2 rune scimmy
Fire giant 193 Range 1 fire bstave 1 rune scimmy
Kalphites 161 Melee 1 Rannar
Black Dragon 61 Ranged Rune long
Iron Dragon 60 Ranged Clue, 5 runite limbs
Greater demon 160 Ranged Clue
Iron Dragon 41 Ranged Runite limbs
Iron Dragon 49 Ranged 3 Runite Limbs,Key Half
Hellhound 149 Ranged 2 level 3 Clues
Iron Dragon 78 Ranged 2 key halves (loop and teeth), Dragon plateskirt
Kalphites 148 Ranged/Melee Nothing worth noting
Fire Giants 197 Ranged Long bone
Fire Giants 198 Ranged 5 rune scimmys
Dust Devils 154 Ranged one rannar
Black dragonss 57 Ranged 2 Clues,tooth half
Skeletal wyverns 51 Ranged Earth B-stave
Black Demons 174 Ranged Switched
Suqahs 48 Melee Clue
Black demons 163 Switched None
Hellhoundss 191 Switched None
Iron Dragons 41 Range Clue
Aberrant spectres 192 Melee 23 Rannars, Clue, 4 snapdragon seeds, Mystic Bottom, Rune full helm, Lava Battlestaff
Dagganoths 197 Melee Snapdragon seed, Clue
Warped terrorbirds 171 Switched None
Dust Devils 143 Ranged Tooth half of a key
Goraks 72 Ranged Tooth half
Dust Devils 191 Ranged Rannar
Goraks 41 Ranged Tooth half
Steel Dragons 43 Magic Lots of Rune
Jungle Strykewryms 190 Melee Nothing
Gargoyless 193 Range Noting
Steel Dragonss 52 Magic Visage, Effigy, Dragon Plate Legs
Abberant Spectres 186 Melee Nothing
Tzhaars 94 Melee Obsidan cape
Warped tortoises 209 Melee Nothing
Dagganoths 196 Melee 2 clues, effigy
Skeletal Wyverns 49 Range Nothing
Dust Devils 226 Melee Nothing
Black Demons 242 Melee Nothing
Grotworms 136 Melee Nothing
Bloodvelds 248 Melee 2 Rune Helms,70 Green charms
Living rock protectors 195 Melee 1 matriarch
Mutated jadinkos 192 Melee Nothing worthwhile
Tzharrs 108 Melee 2 Obby capes
Iron Dragonss 81 Magic