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I have been playing off and on from 2003. I try NOT to buy anything that I cannot earn.

  • I am a admin on the wiki, and will be happy to help! I mostly do minor edits, patrol recents, remove the word you from articles (we are an encyclopedia), and fix grammar. I do pop on from time to time.
  • Working on 15,000 edits
  • New schedule gives me 3 hours of editing a day.

My total edits on the RuneScape Wiki 14,218


  • 99 in one skill
  • Complete all quests
  • 1800 levels
    • 1850 levels
  • 500 music tracks

Skills I do not do!


  • Poor spelling drives me crazy
Mainspace edits
This user has over 10,000 mainspace edits on the Runescape Wiki and is trying to keep ahead of just about everyone
Attack   85 Constitution   89 Mining   71 Strength   86 Agility   71
Smithing   73 Defence    85 Herblore   68 Fishing   73 Ranged   88
Thieving   74 Cooking   75 Prayer   73 Crafting   72 Firemaking   76
Magic   82 Fletching   72 Woodcutting    81 Runecrafting   71 Slayer   82
Farming   67 Construction   70 Hunter   66 Summoning   73 Dungeoneering   57

Get back to editing... Unknown!