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RS Username: Assassin lol


RS Account created: November 2004

Attack: 89Strength: 99Defence: 72Ranged: 56Prayer: 58Magic: 70Runecrafting: 41Construction: 44Agility: 58Herblore: 43Thieving: 68Crafting: 56Fletching: 70Slayer: 51Hunter: 41Mining: 56Smithing: 44Fishing: 60Cooking: 70Firemaking: 70Woodcutting: 78Farming: 41Summoning: 62195 quest pointsCombat: 116
(hover icons for levels)

Current Goals:

  • Get 90 Attack- Currently 89 Attack
  • Get Phoenix Pet From Phoenix Lair- Tried 6 Times
  • Get 72 Summoning- Currently 62 Summoning

Accumulated Wealth: 85 million gp

Favourite Item: Dragon Claws

Most Commonly Found At:

  • Security Stronghold (training on spiders)
  • Green Dragons In Wilderness
  • Clan Wars
  • Duel Arena

Best Moments In Runescape:

  • Getting 99 Strength
  • Using Dragon Claw Spec For First Time
  • Finally getting enough money for armadyl godsword!!!
  • Surpassing My Best Friend And Rival :)

Worst Moments In Runescape:

  • Accidently High Alcing A Dragon Platebody (lol)
  • Losing Fighter Torso Again And Again (seven times now)
16:36, March 10, 2010 (UTC)