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Urns crafting[edit | edit source]

Because Urns takes into account the runes for some reason, even though you can't sell after adding the rune.

This uses portable crafters because otherwise it takes way longer to craft.

Current GE price for soft clay is 956. Since there is a 10% chance to save one clay, it takes on average 1.9 soft clay per urn, meaning the cost per urn is 1,816.4.

It takes 2 ticks to form an urn from soft clay and 5 ticks to fire it (except it seems to be 6 ticks at the portable crafter?). An optimally placed portable crafter will take 4 ticks between withdrawing a preset from a bank and starting to form / fire it (open bank, withdraw preset, click on portable crafter configured to clay crafting, choose either form or fire). Though lag makes this very variable and being afk sometimes will increase this. ~13 ticks average banking time is assumed for rates. Note that forming can only craft half an inventory of urns at once, but a full inventory can be fired at once. On average, it takes 11.428571428571 ticks to create a non-runed urn from 2 soft clay and 525 urns can be created in an hour. 1211.5384615385 can be formed per hour, and 926.47058823529 can be fired per hour.

The xp rates don't take into account portable crafters / pulse cores because I forgot to put them. Multiply by 1.1 at least, don't know how pulse core stack.