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In-game goal[edit | edit source]

Coins 1000 detail.png 21%
7,890,575 gp

Wiki to-do list[edit | edit source]

  • Improve, reword and add to any boss strategies, especially Solak.

That's all I have

About Me[edit | edit source]

Greetings, human! My name's AraxxorSpider although you can simply call me Araxxor. As you know I'm a giant araxyte although I accidentally put spider instead of araxyte. Oh well, not a big deal.

Btw, if you really wanna go kill me, then why not head here. Currently the darkness path is closed, although I can still take you down even without the darkness on my side. Long guide made short by me(ironically), here they are:-

  • Equip at least Tier 80 armour and weaponry, although Tier 85+ are generally advised.
  • Did you know, that if my legs are tipped in red, that mean that I'm weak to magic? Similarly also, if they're green I'm weak to melee, but if they're blue you should use ranged.
  • Pay attention. If I cleave, then use Anticipate/Freedom. Else, rapidly click away.
  • Be careful while I'm reflecting. You probably can activate Resonance then use a strong ability to regain lots of hp.
  • When I cocoon you, click rapidly!
  • Fireball damage can be reduced by being near the eggs.
  • On the minion path, try to kill at least 75% of my reinforcement, and prioritize support spiders.
  • On the acid path, have me absorp all the acid, then lure me to the ramp. Also, every 5 normal attacks, if I don't cleave you, try to reflect or egg drops, then an acidic spider is coming. Those things can easily spell doom on you.
  • On the darkness path, stay in the light. If I swipe from the left, then dodge left. If I swipe from the right, dodge right. But, if my legs are facing down and are closed to each to each other, try dodging down. If my legs are low to the ground and spread, I'd suggest dodging up.
  • 3rd phase. I'll utilize the mechanic both on the path you take and the path you didn't take. So choose your path wisely. For every 25 acid, I'll be able to spawn a highly acidic spider.
  • Finally, when you "defeat" me, I'll get crushed by my mate. Now, you have to defeat her.

Final Note:Why kill us? Because Araxxi's drops can be used to craft Tier 90 weaponry! Hooray! Wait, why I'm the one who's excited?