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Quest point cape.png Quest.png Armour Man47Talk |Contribs Quest point hood.png

Total level: 1644
Attack 83Constitution 1Mining 65
Strength 82Agility 68Smithing 71
Defence 80Herblore 72Fishing 74
Ranged 77Thieving 68Cooking 75
Prayer 66Crafting 75Firemaking 70
Magic 76Fletching 80Woodcutting 78
Runecrafting 60Slayer 71Farming 68
Construction 60Hunter 60Summoning 60
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 110Quests 287
Music 580Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 2 July 2022
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Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as Armour Man47.
P2P icon.png This user is a member.
$$$ This user has 280 quest points and would have a trade limit of 60,000 coins, before the return of Free Trade.
Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 104.
Coins 10000.png
This user doesn't really care how people refer to coins.
PK This user used to PK.
Beggars This user hates beggars.
Macroers This user hates macroers and hunts them for fun.
Vandals This user hates Vandals, and is always on the lookout for Vandalism.
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
A Black skirt, the sign of Jagex-neutral players. This user is neutral towards Jagex.
Private chat button.png This user has private chat set to friends.
Assist icon.png This user is willing to assist other players in the game.
User lends for free friends This user will lend items to friends without charging, and expects the same in return from friends when borrowing.
Pet rock.png This user loves pet rocks.
Pet rock.png This user has a pet rock
and is proud of it.
This user is an achiever.
This user is an explorer.
We hate people who spam cannons. This user hates players that spam cannons at the expense of others.
This user gladly accepts
new friends.
Camelot Teleport icon.png This RuneScape player respawns in Camelot.
Betrayal at Falador.png This user owns their own copy of Betrayal at Falador.
Air Guitar emote icon.png This user is male.
zTBrpB6.png This user plays Xbox Live with the Gamertag Chief At War.
Green dye.png This user's favourite colour is green, the colour of nature.

A Penguin disguised as a Cactus. This user finds 10 Penguins
every week.
This user prefers to prune their Jade Vine rather than slay it.
Juna chathead.png This user visits Tears of Guthix weekly.

Armadyl godsword.png This user uses melee. Warriors unite!
Herblore This user wishes they had a Herblore level of 99.
Newly made crystal (charged).png This user's favourite region is Tirannwn.
General clan rank.png This user is a general in the clan clan name.
Armadyl symbol.png This user follows Armadyl,
the god of justice.
Guthix symbol.png This user followed Guthix.
Balance is power.
Pie.png GIMMIE PIE!!
Task map icon.png This user has completed all of the area tasks.
Quest map icon.png This user has completed all of the quests.
While Guthix Sleeps icon.png This user found the Stone of Jas, but Lucien stole it, and gained immense powers. This all happened While Guthix Slept.
Recipe for Disaster icon.png This user has defeated the Culinaromancer and saved Lumbridge from a disaster.
Quest icon fixed.png This user has completed all of the free quests.

Attack cape (t).png