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I'm not terribly good with this Wiki-editing-mumbo-jumbo, so here goes.

Hi, i'm Claudia. Been playing on and off since June 2005. My in-game name is Sweetheart, and with the EoC my combat level is 115 (previously 64). I'm a self-proclaimed mage tank and wannabe skiller, but i've done Fairy Tale I and Shilo Village and unlocked a bunch of other stuff that's pretty good for my combat level, so i've done pretty decently in that department.

I mostly prefer skilling to combat, so that's what I do for the most part. I'm trying to make the most out of my F2P experience before I regain membership, so there is that. I like to flip!

Oh yeah, I use the username 'Claudia' almost everywhere else but here, whenever I can get it. Chances are, if you've run into an annoying girl named Claudia on an Internet forum, it was me. Hee hee.

Most of the editing i'll be doing around here is grammar and spelling nitpicks, because I like to nitpick. No offense to anybody, but it's kind of my thing, like yelling at necroposters and eating frozen yogurt while not wearing pants.