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WASSUP!!!!![edit | edit source]

Hi. My username is arianafairy. I know people may think this name is... girly. Most people don't really know that I based my name on a movie I made up. I didn't actually make it yet, but I will... someday.

My Stats[edit | edit source]

Currently I am what you level 93's consider... a noob. I am not a noob. A noob is under level 30. I am level 34. Anyways, here are my stats:

Total level: 364
Attack 28Constitution 1Mining 32
Strength 27Agility 20Smithing 34
Defence 28Herblore 3Fishing 24
Ranged 4Thieving 1Cooking 30
Prayer 22Crafting 32Firemaking 9
Magic 14Fletching 14Woodcutting 19
Runecrafting 12Slayer 1Farming 2
Construction 1Hunter 1Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 34Quests 52
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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Apparently Theiving didn't show up on the screen. This is a glitch. My theiving level is 13, so my total level is 399. So far I'm still working on Summoning so the level doen't come up yet. If you're a noob, which I doubt most of you are. Let's just say it's get's really hard when you level up on melee. REALLY hard.

Noob Talk BIGTIME!!!!![edit | edit source]

Now mostly people say I'm a noob because I'm in the early 30's. Now most people would think I'm a MASTER of runescape in the freeplay world. I'm not a free player people. When you're in your early 30's in the free play world, it get's HARD. I mean really hard. You can't hardly do any quests, because you have to fight a level 92 or something. People keep throwing snowballs at you (thanks to the 2007 Christmas Event- boy do I hate runescape for making snowballs appear. Especially the snowglobe.), and playing tricks on you. One time in my free play days,I got killed by a trick. I was at the wizards tower for the first time when someone asked me to kill a wizard. I was waaayyyy too gullable back then, so I accepted the challenge. I got killed eventually. That was the first trick that anybody played on me. What, you hate noobs? Jerk. Anyone who plays a trick on a noob or tells someone they are a noob is a jerk and should not be allowed to play Runescape.