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Master Quest cape requirements[edit | edit source]

All of the requirements left to earn the cape.

Completed all Player-owned port storylines.
Books, Journals and Lore
Collected all Behemoth notes (5 parts) in Daemonheim.
Collected all Chronicles of Bilrach (30 parts) in Daemonheim.
Collected all Marmaros and Thok letters (10 parts) in Daemonheim.
Collected all Stalker notes (5 parts) in Daemonheim.
Collected all Kal'gerion notes (5 parts) in Daemonheim.
Collected the first fifteen Miscellaneous journals in Daemonheim.
Completed my notes from the Ancient Cavern (26 pages).
Found all of the books from each boss in the God Wars Dungeon: Armadyl's Assault, Zilyana's Notes, The Glory of General Graardor, Nex's Followers, and Razulei's Tale.
Found all of the miner's journals (5 journals) and the diary of Jebediah Omnis from Ripper Demons.
Found Kalibath's, Sakirth's and Strisath's journals and Phalaks' experiment log after Hero's Welcome.
Found the Last riders book from the King Black Dragon.
Found The Ugthanatos book from the Camel Warriors.
Talked to Vorago to unlock the ability to challenge him.
Post-Quest Rewards
Received a medium clue scroll from a monkey in your backpack after Monkey Madness.
Unlocked all Dimension of Disaster rewards (does not include chromatic partyhat) and completed the New Varrock Tasks.
Post-Quest Tasks
Completed 25 chimp ice deliveries after Do No Evil.
Fully looted Archmage Sedridor's chest after Rune Memories.
Return the ancient elven wedding ring to Angof after The Light Within.