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Early Life[edit | edit source]

Archirean began playing RuneScape in early 2006, with the username "Tftyftyftyft". He quickly began searching for coin and treasure, searching every chest he could find. Spending most of his time around the Giant Rats, just at the popular entrance to The Wilderness just North of Varrock. Though the original talk amongst numerous RuneScape players is the adventure to the edge of the Wilderness. At the time this was an amazing achievement for the mainstay of the population was below level 75. His original homeworld was 86, during his Free-To-Play years, simple items such as steel swords and armour were hard to acquire, though many money making methods were available, next to none of them were effectively utilized. Over the course of a few days, Archirean created a small clan consisting mainly of people who fish and cook on fires in large groups. This 'clan' quickly collapsed, however, as larger and more powerful clans began to spring up during the early stages of development. It wasn't until the expansion of "Kingdom of Varrock" that clans were recognized as RuneScape powers. Archirean tried and failed and gathered friends along his adventures. Notably his first rival, "Gregorty" gave him a goal to work towards, though after Tftyftyftyft lost all of it's items during a freak pking accident, Archirean quickly created another account to start anew.