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…You Still Fight For the Weak! That is why you Lose!...

I am back, three years after quitting.

I have changed my name to King Andreus.

I am currently training on Giant Spiders/Flesh Crawlers, trying to balance moneymaking/training, but the training is very, VERY tedious.


99 Strength (Lofty, but I'll get there.)

99 Dungeoneering (6 Chaotic Pieces of Equipment)

94 Magic (Ice Barrage/Vengance)

80 Attack (Chaotics)

76 Range (Bolas)

61 Crafting (Quest)

50 Firemaking (Quest)

66 Thieving (Quest)

35 Construction

41 Summoning

55 Woodcutting

80 Defence (Chaotic/Torva)

95 Prayer (Turmoil)

50 Fletching

50 Runecrafting

61 Agility

Tree Gnome Village

Temple of Ikov

Waterfall Quest

Fight Arena

Dig Site

Death Plateau

Haunted Mine

Vampire Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Troll Stronghold

The Fremennik Trials

The Grand Tree

Monkey Madness

Desert Treasure

Lunar Diplomacy

The Temple at Senntisten--LEVELS Y U NO LOWER

Recipe for Disaster

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King Andreus
Total level: 541
Attack 61Constitution 1Mining 20
Strength 74Agility 31Smithing 4
Defence 46Herblore 10Fishing 17
Ranged 17Thieving 33Cooking 20
Prayer 43Crafting 35Firemaking 4
Magic 49Fletching 1Woodcutting 40
Runecrafting 1Slayer 23Farming 1
Construction 1Hunter 1Summoning 4
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 75Quests 50
Music 185Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 2-28-12
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