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Total level: 557
Attack 50Constitution 1Mining 43
Strength 52Agility 1Smithing 38
Defence 50Herblore 1Fishing 47
Ranged 40Thieving 1Cooking 47
Prayer 30Crafting 8Firemaking 40
Magic 36Fletching 1Woodcutting 36
Runecrafting 26Slayer 1Farming 1
Construction 1Hunter 1Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 62Quests 17
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 05/10/2008
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About Me[edit | edit source]

Hello! My name is Aqua Jet and I'm just a non-member user in Runescape. I started again playing because I can't remember my old account's password, but I'm fine with my new account Aquajet0798. Some people always mistaken me for a macro because I don't talk much in Runescape because of some reasons. And I hate people calling me 62.

  • Favorite Quest: Black Knight's Fortress, Dragon Slayer
  • Least Favorite Quest: Ernest the Chicken
  • Favorite Music: Jungle Bells (I don't know why I have that piece of music)
  • Favorite Dragon: Mr. Mordaut, Mithril Dragon
  • Favorite Random Event: Frogs, Leo the Gravedigger, Mime and Surprise Exam!
  • Least Favorite Random Event: ScapeRune, Drunken Dwarf, Swarm, Evil Chicken, Shade and Zombie (Burying Bones)
  • Favorite Place: Varrock, Falador.

Likes and Dislikes[edit | edit source]

  • Likes: Quests, Selling silver bars at the Grand Exchange
  • Dislikes: Beggars, Players who are following you and wants your things like weapons and armour, Players who have a high level and being offense, having bad attitude and saying the word noob a lot.
  • Hates: See Ignore list. Most hated is that Zamorakred4 and Hmong Cutter, just playing Runescape to call people noobs, and big fat idiots

The Ignore List[edit | edit source]

  • Vista426
  • Sir Cluster- When I'm training at the Al Kharid palace, I just took the cabbage and he said "Lol, What a noob."
  • Dafish524- At the Stronghold of Player Safety, he appeared and trying to kill a cockroach soldier with someone.

The argument

  • Dafish524: Hola
  • Me:Hello
  • (After I killed a cockroach soldier)
  • Dafish524: Leave noob
  • Me: Everyone is allowed in here not just you!
  • Dafish524: I'll Pk you!
  • Me: So.
  • Someone with a Saradomin armour: Lol! You got owned by him
  • Dafish524: Fine! I'll leave.
  • Zamorackred4(Lv 38) and Hmong Cutter(Lv 115): These two people really insulted me at the Fist of Guthix.

The insult

  • Hmong Cutter: I'm almost dead :(
  • (I appeared near them)
  • Zamorackred4:Lol U are a big fat idiot
  • Hmong Cutter: Me?
  • Zamorackred4: Lv62
  • Hmong Cutter: Y?
  • Hmong Cutter: Lol
  • Zamorackred4: He is a noob
  • (With my frustration, I equipped my rune weapon and selected option Attack Zamorackred4)
  • (But it said something that I can't attack him)
  • (The hunter appeared and attacked him)
  • Me: Who's the big fat idiot now!!!
  • Hunter: Me?
  • Me: The one your hunting

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Have a high combat level to defeat Elvarg
  • Level 39 Magic
  • Buy Guthix armour

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Coins 10000.png
This user finds the argument between "coins" and "GP" tiring.
Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as AquaJet0798.
F2P icon.png This user is a free player.
2006 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2006.
Beggars This user hates beggars.
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
Cook's Assistant icon.png This user has completed the Cook's assistant quest.
Shears detail.png This user has completed the Sheep Shearer miniquest.
Rune Mysteries icon.png This user gained access to the Rune Essence mine after solving the Rune Mysteries.
Garlic.png This user is a real Vampire Slayer, and killed Count Draynor.
Imp Catcher icon.png This user is an Imp Catcher, and retrieved all four beads to Wizard Mizgog.
Doric's Quest icon.png This user has completed Doric's Quest.
Aberrant Spectre Champion's scroll.png This user is in the Champions' Guild.
Phoenix crossbow.png This user is a member of the Phoenix Gang.
Chocatrice cape.png This user has a chocatrice cape.