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Little is known about the past of the Anti-Vandal Police, apart from the fact that he was the clone of a certain RuneScape wiki member. The wiki member raised the Anti-Vandal Police, whose real name is John Simmons, as his own son, until one day a vandal vandalized John's father's best page so much that it was irrepairable. John's father quit the wiki and RuneScape, and John vowed for revenge upon all vandals. After the death of John's father, John disappeared for a long time, until one day he returned to the RuneScape wiki as Sergeant John Simmons and began to capture and kill vandals. Soon, he gained the nickname: "The Anti-Vandal Police."

From then on, the Anti-Vandal Police has captured/killed/banned/pwned over 9000 vandals, and is still in action. He swears that he will fight vandals down to his last breath.