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This is my work-in-progress overhaul of Hunter training.


Hunter has many training methods, but many of them are rarely used due to the fact that only a few methods are the best.

Preface[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Players can wear Hunter gear specific to each of the four major Hunter areas in order to greatly increase the chances of a successful catch. It is recommended a player crafts or purchases the appropriate Hunter gear. The increased catch rate is quite valuable. The table below summarizes the Hunter gear by region.

Area Camouflage gear (level) Areas
Polar Kyatt (52) > Polar (1) Rellekka Hunter area
Wood Larupia (28) > Woodland (1) Piscatoris Hunter area
Jungle Larupia (28) > Jungle(4) Feldip Hills; Karamja/South of Tai Bwo Wannai Village
Desert Graahk (38) > Desert (10) Uzer Hunter area
Other (1) Witchdoctor (81) Herblore Habitat
Other (2) None Puro-Puro; Isafdar

Combination Hunting[edit | edit source]

Keep in mind that while waiting for traps, you can also catch butterflies or birds to increase your experience rates.

Big Chinchompa[edit | edit source]

Big Chinchompa is a Hunter Distraction and Diversion that can be played for Hunter-related rewards. Perhaps the best reward is a Grenwall quota ticket, which can be used to achieve one of the best Hunter experience rates in the game.

Divination[edit | edit source]

Chronicle fragments, which are produced from training Divination, give you experience equal to your Hunter level * 10. Also, you can get Hunter experience from collecting from a Divine box trap.

Stealing Creation[edit | edit source]

Stealing Creation can be played to obtain bonus experience in Hunter. You can obtain approximately 145,000 bonus xp per hour in non-combat games and recharging a volatile tool.

Enhanced Yaktwee Stick[edit | edit source]

The enhanced yaktwee stick, which is obtainable from charm sprites at 72 Hunter, grants you a 5% xp boost in ALL hunter activities in which you can wield the stick.

Training[edit | edit source]

Level 1-27[edit | edit source]

Rabbits[edit | edit source]

Feeding Rabbits is the fastest exp rate when beginning hunter of about 9,000 experience per hour. There are a total of 8 rabbits spawning from the rabbit holes along the outer borders, 2 on each side; a total of 240 xp for each run around the field. If you world-hop after you've gotten all of the rabbits, experience comes quite a bit faster. Ogleroots are used to feed the rabbits. They can be bought at Vinesweeper for 10 gp each. You need 325 ogleroots for 27 and 402 for 29. Encircling the field drains your run energy, so Weight-reducing equipment is recommended. It should take you a little over an hour to reach level 27.

Polar Kebbits[edit | edit source]

An alternative method at level 1 is tracking polar kebbits. While polar kebbits produce money, the experience rate is about 1/3 that of rabbits. It is highly recommended to hunt rabbits instead, because you will be able to make more money by hunting swamp lizards.

Level 27-29[edit | edit source]

The Eagle's Peak quest can be completed at this point and will level you up to 29. Alternatively, if you do not want to do the quest, you can continue the previous method of training.

Level 29-47/72[edit | edit source]

Net trapping swamp lizards is a good source of money and experience. At 29 hunter, you can get around 23,000 experience an hour. You need to bring a rope and small fishing net for each trap. You can set 2 traps at level 29, 3 at level 40, 4 at level 60, and 5 at level 80.

This method is usually very efficient for players who are unable to use high combat level money making methods.

Level 47-72/95[edit | edit source]

Players who value their time under 2271k coins per hour should continue to hunt swamp lizards.

Net trapping orange salamanders is faster experience than hunting swamp lizards, but it is not profitable. Players using this method should release the salamanders they catch rather than waste time banking them.

Level 72-80[edit | edit source]

Hunting charm sprites is a good method due to the high experience yielded as well as obtaining the enhanced yaktwee stick and charms.

Level 80-99[edit | edit source]

Grenwalls[edit | edit source]

Hunting grenwalls is similar to swamp lizards in the fact that it's less xp than other same-level methods, but it profits, so it may be more efficient for people who are unable to use high combat level money making methods.

For a guide for hunting grenwalls normally, see this guide.

Grenwalls hunted at the private hunting area can yield 200k experience per hour, including the time spent doing Big Chinchompa, which is the highest rate of experience. This method can only be used for around 2-3 hours per day (unless you stock up on points each day and don't spend them), so it can be worked in between other hunting methods.

Jadinkos[edit | edit source]

Players who value their time under 3397k coins per hour should hunt grenwalls unless they would like to use Juju farming potions obtained from this method.

Igneous jadinkos can yield a rate of 135k experience per hour, however this is debated by many players since igneous are spread out and blocked by obstacles. To achieve this rate equip full Witchdoctor gear and summon an Arctic Bear. Another way to train hunter at Herblore Habitat at this level is to trap Carrion jadinkos. They can be about 109k experience per hour with a larupia hunter boost, and up to around 120k xp/h with an Arctic Bear and a scentless potion. This can go even higher: check the Carrion jadinko article for more information.

Carnivorous Chinchompas[edit | edit source]

Box trapping carnivorous chinchompas has an experience rate similar to Grenwalls, but with very little profit, so it is not recommended.

Ruby Harvests[edit | edit source]

Catching ruby harvests bare-handed is a method which some players think is a viable method. It has a Hunter experience rate similar to that of grenwalls, but it gives 10-20k agility xp per hour rather than monetary gain. You are essentially paying 69.2 - 138.4 coins per agility xp, which is not worth it.

Level 95[edit | edit source]

Bare-handed catching black warlocks can yield about 140k Hunter and 25k Agility experience per hour.