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Anteroinen1 is my charater at RuneScape as well as RuneScape Wikia too. I curently have a combat level of 41 but of course it won't be that small for long. I am not a member (too bad) ,but that isn't important.(Is it?)

!!!I like these pages!!![edit | edit source]

Characters and their familytree (the bloodline of Anteroinen)[edit | edit source]

I happen to like making familytrees and that kind of historical stuff so I made this up just to you.(I hoped you would laugh.)

The Main Branch (The Salya Branch)[edit | edit source]

Originally the Anteroinen family was known as the Salya family but that time can be trased from Second Age to well Second Age.The Salyas were on some point named after the noble gases so we can find Krypton,Xenon and Radon Salya at the tree.Then Xenon J. Salya named his son Antti Salya who named his son Antero whose son became Sir Antero I Salya though then the Salya named vanished and the familyname turned to Anteroinen.Then it has went all the time to this curent date.

Neon N. Salya[edit | edit source]

Neon Nautilus Salya was named after the noble gas Neon.He was a human whit a white skin which was according the notes from that time "very well tanned".

Radon H. Salya[edit | edit source]

Radon Hermes Salya was named after the noble gas Radon.His skin was light blue due to some weird accident.He had a brother named Helium.

Helium G. Salya[edit | edit source]

Helium Gas Salya was fully named after the noble gas, helium. He had an son who was named after the element led.(See following generations on the tree below).

Helium Branch[edit | edit source]

The branch of Salya family that contains all the children of Helium G. Salya.

Led T. Salya[edit | edit source]

Led Transfunction Salya was a member of the Salya familys Helium branc. He was an idiot.So was written to a wall of the church were humans went to pray on those days.

Gold I. Salya[edit | edit source]

Gold Imbian Salya was a Salya who loved investigating his family history.He knew that his littlecousin Xenon was there somewhere.

Ixion O. T. Salya[edit | edit source]

Ixion Onpari Taisou Salya was named after the planet Ixion his named makesi t quite clear Ixion O. T. S. meaning Ixion On The Sky.We dont know about the person respectively.

Jo J. Salya[edit | edit source]

Jo Jo Salya was often teased about his name.

Iron F. E. Salya[edit | edit source]

Iron Feodor Emil Salya means Iron Fe because Fe is the marker of iron in chemistry.

Krypton K. Salya[edit | edit source]

Krypton Kai Salya was named after still another noble gas Krypton.To the ones that do not know solid Krypton is <span="color:red;">NOT kryptonite.Krypton was gentle person who (so is told) garved writings on the grave stone.

Xenon J. Salya[edit | edit source]

Xenon Jay Salya was yet another noble gas.He had a black skin (atleast so black that he could hide in the dark).

Antti Q. Salya[edit | edit source]

Antti Quasimodo Salya was a black skinned human who looked "relatively dum" but who was "highly inteligent" so was written.

Antero R. K. D. A. B. G. P. C. J. L. Salya[edit | edit source]

Full name:Antero Roger Kain Dereck Adam Beowulf Galileo Peter Ceres Jay Lomez Salya His name is taken from the folowing things :Antero (unknown),Roger (unknown),Kain (bible),Dereck (computer game),Adam (bible),Beowulf (scandinavian story),Galileo (founder of the four moons of Jupiter),Peter (Peter Pan),Ceres (biggest thing/a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt),Jay (his grandfather [Xenon Jay salya]),Lomez (no reason) and Salya (it is his lastname).He is suposed to have been about 1,5 meter long a so he was forced to take a big name instead of the height.

Sir Antero I Salya[edit | edit source]

Full name:Sir Antero I Feoron Salya Sir Antero I had black skin and he wore blue clothes and he had wierd blue moustaches.He barely got out of Tutorial Island before he got married whit Elina Saliva.Elina however killed Sir Antero I whit Steel longsword. And married whit Groger Sdape. After that Elina married Faokos Derina after Groger had died on an "accident".Later on Elina was cursed by a Dark wizard and curently she lives as a ghost in the Wilderness.

Anteroinen7 "The Danser"[edit | edit source]

Full name:Anteroinen7 Galileo Anteroinen He was a great danser .He was good at eating too. Anteroinen7 married Fanny Delko who was a great person and somehow related to Katharina Murgatroyd who was the dother of Galileo Murgatroyd the adventurer.Anteroinen7 died when he adventured to the wilderness .Altough no-one has ever found his corpse, he is thought to be dead. Last known wordss were mumbling sounding like this: Pizzas...pizzas...must go to the camp...must find the pizza boy....

Sir Anteroinen I[edit | edit source]

Full name:Sir Anteroinen I Walborg Anteroinen Sir Anteroinen I lived around mid-late Fourth Age.Was granted the title "Sir" by the king of Misthalin of that time for three generations.

Sir Anteroinen II[edit | edit source]

Full name:Sir Anteroinen II Teodor Anteroinen Lived from late Fourth Age to early Fifth Age. He taught Sir Anteroinen III to cook.

Sir Anteroinen III "The Grang eater of many pies"[edit | edit source]

Full name:Sir Anteroinen III Olle Anteroinen Known to make most delightfull pies (ate them all in seconds).He lived from year 45 of the Fifth Age to year 109 of the Fifth Age.Was married whit SnowQueen IX.

SnowQueen branch[edit | edit source]
  • SnowQueen I was granted the ability to name SnowQueen after SnowQueen whit romanian numbers.
  • SnowQueen II was a woman as like all the SnowQueens.She married whit Joklik Alas who is the son of Klipklop Alas
  • SnowQueen III lived around the start of Fourth Age.
  • SnowQueen IV lived whit her mother for 43 years before marrying her husband.
  • SnowQueen V was the bravest SnowQueen because she killed a Greater demon.
  • SnowQueen VI married Leppu son of Sir Leppu I somewhere early-mid Fourth Age.SnowQueen VI was good at making clothes and she made al her clother herself.She wore a Water tiara ans a Elemental shield. She was a saradominist.
Leppu sub-branch[edit | edit source]
  • Sir Leppu I wore one of the Barrows armours and used an Abyssal whip. He believed on a long gone cult.
  • Leppu Is son of Sir Leppu I as we do not know much about him but his dad. SnowQueen chronicles of their bloodline still state that Leppu married SnowQueen VI.In curent existense is a player named Leppu though I do not know is this Leppu the same Leppu.
  • SnowQueen VII lived mid Fourth Age.
  • SnowQueen IIX was mother of SnowQueen IX the wife of Sir Anteroinen III.She was a nanny.
  • SnowQueen IX wife of Sir Anteroinen III. Died visiting Karamja (rum poisoning or drinking to much rum).

Anteroinen94 "The Runecrafter"[edit | edit source]

Full name:Anteroinen94 Aubury Robert Anteroinen Anteroinen94 had combatlevel of 52.He had runecraftinglevel of ~27. He was able to enter the monastery and cooking guild.Died on 6th of Raktuber year 167 of the fifth age.

Anteroinen75 "The Wood"[edit | edit source]

Full name:Anteroinen75 Walen Anteroinen Was turned in to tree by a viscious Tree Spirit.I theorise he had a woodcutting level of 45.He married Amppeli23 36 years before his turning into tree.

Amppeli and Hero Branches[edit | edit source]
Amppeli Branch[edit | edit source]
  • Amppeli56 was the wife of the great hero Hero678.
  • Amppeli23 was wife of Anteroinen75 the woodcutter.She had farming level of 56.
Hero Branch[edit | edit source]
  • Hero13greatgreatgreatgrandfather of Anteroinen1 and a good smither.He slayed 3 Geater demons.Hero13 wore a mithril kiteshield and mithril platebody whit a skull of demon in it. That is the crest of the Hero family.
  • Hero7 was a hero which I think you quessed.He killed a Lesser demon.His wife was Frannie.
  • Hero45 was the only Hero whit no big demons slayed.
  • Hero678 killed two dragons,76 Moss giants,892 Imps and 7 Lesser demons.
RealName Branch[edit | edit source]
  • Carmen RealName grandma of Frannie the wife of Hero7.Her name comes from a TV-show Los Serrano.
  • Olivia RealName was wife of Frank whose dad was Fermìn.Frank comes from Harry Potter and Fermìn from TVshow Los Serrano.
  • Frannie RealName was wife of Hero7. Her name comes from a TV-show.She was a nanny.

Anteroinen1 "The Main"[edit | edit source]

Full name:Anteroinen1 Mikasi Anteroinen He has a brother named Anteroinen54 his dad was named Anteroinen75. Has combatlevel of 4X and is trying to be better runecrafter than his grandpa.Bythe way that was done 13.8.2008 dueto the (hyberb) Runecrafting Guild.

Anteroinen54[edit | edit source]

Full name:Anteroinen54 Heikki Anteroinen Brother of Anteroinen1 has one child.Anteroinen54 never exsited as a character but he was known to follow Armadyl.

Anteroinen2 "The Noob"[edit | edit source]

Full name:Anteroinen 2 Najad Anteroinen The very noob Anteroinen who has a SMALL combatlevel.Curently stationed in the Lumbridge Castle .He wares a green suit.

So from that we get...(OK we don't get this much)

                   Neon N. Salya
                  \/        \/      
     Helium G. Salya    Radon H. Salya                        
       \/                 \/                               
  Led T. Salya      Krypton K. Salya Klipklop Alas    SnowQueen I  
       \/                \/                \/            \/
    Gold I. Salya    Xenon J. Salya      Joklik Alas=SnowQueen II   
        \/                  \/                      \/
   Ixion O. T. Salya    Antti Q. Salya           SnowQueen III
         \/                   \/                       \/
     Jo J. Salya       Antero Salya Bernard Saliva  SnowQueen IV  
         \/                  \/            \/          \/ 
     Iron F. E. Salya    Sir Antero I=Elina Saliva SnowQueen V  Sir Leppu I
                               \/                    \/          \/
                         Anteroinen7=Fanny Delko  SnowQueen VI=Leppu      Carmen   Fermìn
                                     \/                       \/            \/     \/
                        Sir Anteroinen I         SnowQueen VII     Hero13 Olivia=Frank
                                   \/                  \/             \/        \/
                                Sir Anteroinen II     SnowQueen IIX  Hero7=Frannie
                                       \/                 \/              \/
                                 Sir Anteroinen III=SnowQueen IX        Hero45
                                                   \/                     \/
                                                Anteroinen94   Amppeli56=Hero678
                                                        \/             \/
                                                               \/    \/
                                                      Anteroinen1  Anteroinen54

Likings[edit | edit source]

I like cooking very much (on side of runecrafting and questing.)

My age is curently the amount of silver and gold rocks in the Al Kharid Mine multiplyed by two.This means means that I like riddles.

  • My name starts with the last letter of first of Calendar.
  • Next one is in the word "no".
  • Then we have a cup of tea.
  • Take third of my user name.
  • From calendar again take first of eighth.

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Diary (about Runescapian me and other kind of things.)[edit | edit source]

  • 2.6.2008 - My friend Sankari13 sold his strenght amulet (t) for 452560 coins.

I achieved the combat level of 40 and magic level of 41.

  • 3.6.2008 - Sankari13 died on greater demons.
  • 5.6.2008 - I mined some rune essence.I also edited the family tree (again).
  • 6.6.2008 - I found out the names of barbarians of Barbarian Village.I went to the Stronghold of Security to collect iron arrows.It is easy to guess that I started to shoot those arrows. I got a range level or seven doing that. Also I experiensed huge amount of random events that day first a Drill Demon came I got the music and a nice shirt and I was happy but then he comes back and gives me pants. Sankari13 came a I told about Skull sceptre then the Quiz Master came and I had to anser the question then my friend got to the Prison Pete event a the second he came out I went to the Evil Twin.Then the Quiz Master came the again and got 1000coins we both left for while and 'cause my friend has a limited playing time only I got back to RuneScape.Well I got the Freaky Forester and Mime random events.Then a "server check" came and I was thrown out.Mysterious Old Man came after re-logging and gave me the box he also took me to the a quick game of pinball.So thats for today.

That day I met many new friends they vere:

  • Kere66 - A fellow Finlandian.
  • Dukes011 - 22 Levelled noob account of God3rangr 1.I sold him some food.Then he went fishing wonder how is he...
  • God3rangr 1 - His range level was 70 and he used Adamant arrows.He was level 80.He had 2 other acount level 72 and leven 50 somethink.

And it wont stop here Freaky Forester came again (nice shirt).Dukes011 (who was there) went to the Quiz (good lord fourth Quiz I see is good that he went I wouldn't have had the power to take that ansering...)Dukes011 went to buy Mithril full.Evil Twin happened again Molly was in blue this time that wasn't so bad 'cause I got 3 uncut diamonds. Whoa I wrote a LOT today!Mystery Man gave the box again now I will leave the stronghold for now 'cause I will faint from another Random Event!Now what was that noise...

  • 8.6.2008 - I got Molly twice Quiz once and Prison Pete of ScapeRune twice. Again all this doing range in the Stronghold.I got the Lederhosen hat now. Yay!

I read the article about ScapeRune and found out that in ScapeEune exists a skill Uncooking that sounded fun and I thought about it and I made up other ScapeRune skills

(*= Real ScapeRune skill)

  • 14.6.2008 - Me and Sankari13 tried to drop-trade 22 swordfished so I could kill Elvarg (didn't work).