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A collection of my RuneScape related amateur fiction. This page will be updated whenever I finish a story. Which won't be very often.

FOR ZAROS![edit | edit source]

The enemy was coming.

Angerona gripped her staff tightly as she watched the oncoming armies. There would be no escape, not that she had planned to anyway. The enemy's armies approached from all sides but the north, and they had no ships to flee that way.

Relentlessly they advanced.

All around her the garrison moved into position on and behind the walls. They would make their stand here, in this frozen fortress, cut off from all help, and they would make the enemy pay to take these walls. Oh, they would make the enemy pay.

The drumming of feet was almost enough to shake the walls.

Ghorrock stood alone, possibly the last of her Lord's fortresses. Angerona knew that her forces would hold as long as they could. They had to.

Great wings beat the air as dragons passed overhead.

They had to keep the enemy away from the walls. If they got inside, Angerona wasn't sure if her depleted melee forces could hold them for long. And with those dragons overhead, she knew she couldn't divert the attention of too many of her mages.

Fire lashed down as one of the dragons got bold; it was wreathed in ice and blood within a heartbeat.

If only she still had the fiends and the demon of ice her Lord had once assigned to this fortress. Their presence would hold the invaders for a long time, their power increased by the frozen wastes the fortress resided on.

Two more dragons swooped down, the weak sun gleaming off their metal hides until shadows engulfed them.

They were in hibernation now though, sleeping under the fortress in guard of one of their Lord's artefacts. They would not stir except to defend their resting place in the tunnels under the fortress.

Bows twanged as enemy ground troops came within range.

"Rona." Another mage slid into the space next to Angerona, her robes tussled as if she was only recently dressed. She placed her hand over Angerona's on the staff and squeezed briefly before letting go.

A dragon thudded to the ground in front of the gates, unable to fly with its wings coated in ice.

"Nice of you to join us, Aloisia." Angerona smiled to take the anger out of her words, and then sighed. "This is it. The end of it all."

A man on the walls screamed as an arrow pierced his eye in a fluke shot.

"But, Sia, we'll turn the ice red with their blood before the end." Angerona raised her staff and yelled, "FOR ZAROS!"