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Varrock is where its at ITS THE MUST USE TO BECOME GOOD IN GAME keep in mind theres the 'GE' (Grand Exchange) which the only way to mustly buy usefull items in the game BUT... keep in mind there are people called Clan Merch that try to make a living from Merching what Merching is .... Its called Price Manipulation How to explain .... say you buy a feather for 2 gp when the need for feathers go up (because other clan member buy to raise thinking there geting money but there just the pets of the leader and his/hers friends) so feather go up to 10gp and your buying 10m of feathers making 2-10 gp 8 gp each so 8x10m=80m prof but !!!!!! you also gain money investing but for the people who join the clan dont make that much first clan leader buys then his or her friends there for clan members non friend just buy the junk so.... there you go first post