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Total level: 1,514
Attack 72 Constitution 71 Mining 60
Strength 70 Agility 50 Smithing 56
Defence 70 Herblore 57 Fishing 57
Ranged 71 Thieving 55 Cooking 72
Prayer 60 Crafting 56 Firemaking 61
Magic 70 Fletching 84 Woodcutting 66
Runecrafting 52 Slayer 55 Farming 41
Construction 51 Hunter 50 Summoning 53
Dungeoneering 54 Divination N/A Invention N/A
Attack style icon fixed.png 95 Quest icon fixed.png 139 Task icon fixed.png ----
Music icon fixed.png 559

My ingame name is EpicDerpy and feel free to add me on Rs.

EpicPancakes is my best friend I don't know in real life so Hai Epic.

Feel free to comment about me in my Talk page and I usually will respond in a day or so.Also I'm usualy in Rs

wiki chat and do some minor edits.I'm a chat moderator on which is for lolz. Check out my chat for a good time




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