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Thank you for visiting my page.

IRL[edit | edit source]

Real RS Stuff[edit | edit source]

Yes, that was interesing, wasn't it? Now for some real rs stuff.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I am a level 73 member in Runescape. I play as Annickay. I can normally be found on my home world, 12, or training my pure Deathofodin1. I use a few methods to make money, listed below. I am usually doing quests or training random skills. My current goal is to get to level 50 in every skill.

Training Spots[edit | edit source]

I can normally be found training the following skills in the following places:

Woodcutting/Firemaking-Seer's Village Yews or Maples

Mining-Coal Trucks

Smithing-Edgeville Furnace or anvils south of Varrok West bank

Combat-Moss Giant Island, or Ogres/Jogres.



How I Make Cash[edit | edit source]

These are explanations of how I earn money.

Yew Logs[edit | edit source]

I cut yews in Seer's Village. I bank these in Seer's Village bank, and after a level up in woodcutting, or a certain number of logs, I teleport to Varrock and sell them on the Grand Excange, for about 500 each. Then I Camelot teleport, and start over again.

Gold Ore[edit | edit source]

I mine gold ore at Al Kharid. After a full inventory, I bank them in Duel Arena bank, and run back to the mine, selling the ores afterwards for about 500 each.

Polar Kebbit Fur[edit | edit source]

I go to the Polar Hunting area and hunt Polar Kebbits and drop everything exept the furs, then i teleport to the ge and sell them.

Limpwurt Roots[edit | edit source]

I kill level 28 hobgoblins on Hobgoblin Peninsula. I collect the limpwurt and bank it. After a few inventories, I teleport to Varrock, and sell my wares at the Grand Exchange, for about 1,200 each.

Cannonballs[edit | edit source]

I buy a large amount of steel bars in the Grand Exchange. I then go to edgville furnace and make them all in to cannonballs and run back to the ge and sell them.

Pure Essence[edit | edit source]

I mine essence in Varrock, using Sedridor for the teleport. After a full inventory, I bank in the Varrock East bank. I then mine more, and sell the essence in the Grand Exchange, for about 130 each.

Mahogany Planks[edit | edit source]

I go to Karamja and cut Mahogany logs and bank them until I get a special log and then I make them all into planks and sell them.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1160
Attack 60Constitution 56Mining 54
Strength 55Agility 43Smithing 55
Defence 55Herblore 27Fishing 48
Ranged 45Thieving 45Cooking 54
Prayer 47Crafting 47Firemaking 53
Magic 54Fletching 49Woodcutting 61
Runecrafting 39Slayer 37Farming 27
Construction 48Hunter 32Summoning 25
Dungeoneering 44Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 73Quests 145
Music 431Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 12 December 2010
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