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My in-game name is Anincent. I play Runescape on and off, becoming a member once every several months and barely playing at all while a free player.

I started playing Runescape slightly less than seven years ago (as of the 7th of March 2010). I don't know exactly when I started but a good indication might be that Santa Hats were selling for approximately 35-40k gold, which would indicate I started reasonably soon (a few months) after they had been dropped, so somewhere around early 2003.

I played very actively for quite a few years, well past the transition of Runescape Classic to Runescape 2, but I started to get bored some time in early 2006 I'd guess after which I cancelled my membership. I know I canceled my subscription sometime in the month of July 2006 because the first update that occurred following my cancellation was The Eyes of Glouphrie (I still have not done this quest, as of the 5th of July 2010). At the time of quitting, my Thieving and Agility were ranked at around around 800, and my Total Level ranked slightly above 1000 (I never broke the three digit rank barrier).

Since then I have become a member a few times, for one month each period. Although even when I'm not a member, I very actively read the Runescape forums and of course complete every single holiday event. I also read a lot of World of Warcraft websites (like and, even when I don't play either of them; I read up on them because I usually have a lot of work to do and I must procrastinate when that happens.