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Hello, My character name is Angel of Law. (14 year account, 16 years played). My combat level is 138. (3-year Completionist Cape owner.) *Lost Feb 2019 due to work demands* I am mostly a Social worm, i pride myself in knowing as much as i can on the old/new updates and going-on's of Runescape, and always being a friend/helping out other as much as i can (it makes me feel good =P ) I am 27 years old, happily married for 6 1/2 years (no little ones yet!). Finished 7 years of Active duty service in the U.S. Army Early 2018, currently in the National Guard. Restlessly attempting to catch up all of my lost time with friends and scaping/wiki'ing :P

Sandbox of random stuff[edit | edit source]

My Sandcube

Happy life guidelines[edit | edit source]

Things to do
Wake up
Eat a healthy breakfast
Do amazing things at work
Go home and accomplish at least 3 things
Eat Dinner
Scape till bed
Reset, then Sleep.

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If you know what that means, you just lost it!

Angel of Law
Total level: 2898 (3263)
Attack 116Constitution 126Mining 109
Strength 126Agility 110Smithing 107
Defence 126Herblore 120Fishing 116
Ranged 126Thieving 122Cooking 104
Prayer 113Crafting 107Firemaking 115
Magic 126Fletching 105Woodcutting 107
Runecrafting 103Slayer 126Farming 120
Construction 103Hunter 115Summoning 120
Dungeoneering 120Divination 105Invention 150
Archaeology 120Combat 138Quests 399
Music 1,243Tasks 1,478RuneScore 14,150
As of 2 July 2022
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