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Please fix your signature[edit | edit source]

Hello, I've just noticed [{{{edit}}} an edit of yours] in which the raw code of your signature was placed onto the page, rather than a transclusion. According to the signature policy, raw signature code may not be placed on discussion pages, as it unnecessarily inflates the page's size. Additionally, if you were to choose to update your signature in the future, the changes would not appear in pages you had signed before.

The steps for fixing your signature are as follows:

  • Create this page.
  • Copy your signature code into the page and save.
  • Go to your preferences and place this in the Signatures box:


  • Make sure the I want to use wikitext in my signature box is checked and save.
  • Optionally: Return to pages you've signed in the past and replace your raw signature code on those page (but not the timestamps) with ~~~.

Thank you. --{{{sig}}}


|edit     = 
|sig      = ~~~~