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Dailies[edit | edit source]

Required[edit | edit source]

Event Time Frequency Notes
Daily Challenge icon.png Complete a Daily Challenge. Varies, generally a few minutes to half an hour Daily Awards free or inexpensive XP in one skill.
Farming.png Do a complete Farming run. Half an hour Every 24 hours Farm the following:
Jack of trades aura.png Complete jack of trades. A few minutes Every 24 hours Earns a small amount of Agility experience.
Divination.png Create a divine location. 1 minute Daily I stockpile these to drop at events and clan gatherings and such.
Mining.png Mine a Shooting Star. Varies, generally 10-15 minutes Unlimited, but 1 cash-in of 200 dust per day Awards 50,002 coins as well as astral and cosmic runes, gold ore, and extra reds. Can also award extra gems if I mine with a glory and a wealth.
Red sandstone.png Mine reds. ~5 minutes Daily Sceptre to Sophanem rock, then Oo'glog via lodestone. Use signs of the porter to easily bank the sandstone, then convert it all into glass. Save the glass for bankstanding.

Recommended[edit | edit source]

Event Time Frequency Notes
Farming.png Do a partial Farming run. 10 minutes Every 4 hours Farm the following:
Staff.png Buy battlestaves. 1 minute Daily for Naff, once per 24 hours for Baba Yaga Staves can be saved for Crafting training, though the rising cost of orbs and the falling cost of staves somewhat reduce the allure of this method.
Woodcutting.png Kill an evil tree. Varies, probably 45 minutes including cutting time Twice daily Awards Woodcutting experience, token logs, and cutting time that is best spent on the magic trees in Varrock Sewers resource dungeon.
Wicked hood.png Wicked hood. 5 minutes Daily Awards Runecrafting experience and runes. Double natures are the most profitable, though blood runes and law runes are the most useful.
Hunter.png Complete the Big Chinchompa event. 20 minutes per game Twice daily, once per hour Earns a reasonable amount of easy Hunter experience.
Agility.png Use Surefooted at the Barbarian advanced course (with summer pies, if necessary). 20 minutes Every two hours Earns a small amount of Agility experience, without possibility of failure on the course.

Weeklies[edit | edit source]

Event Time Frequency Notes

Monthlies[edit | edit source]

Event Time Frequency Notes
Spirit shards.png Purchase 1,000,000 spirit shards on the Grand Exchange for 24 coins each and resell to the pet shop owner for 25 coins each. None 10,000 shards per 4 hours Risk-free profit of 1,000,000 coins or so, at the cost of one GE slot.
Items Kept on Death icon.png Complete Troll Invasion. Between 5 and 8 minutes Monthly Awards a book with a sizeable chunk of Agility XP.
Construction.png Build the four god statues. ? Monthly Free Construction XP.