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Andorin Kato (known among the Fremennik as Taldur Far-Strider) is an adventurer, grandmaster-class battlemage, and warrior in the land of Gielinor. Raised by a clan of Fremennik warriors in the city of Rellekka, Andorin established himself in adulthood as one of the most influential individuals of the Fifth Age. He is known among those cultures he has visited as a great warrior as well as a skilled diplomat and honorable individual.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Andorin was the son of Eliad Kato, a Fremennik hunter and warrior of Rellekka, and Arian Kato, a woman of the Moon Clan. Historically, the two cultures have long been at odds, so the unlikely pairing was seen as strange by both Fremennik and Moon Clan. When Eliad was slain by a pack of dagannoth during a hunting expedition, the chieftan of Rellekka was unwilling to surrender a healthy male child to the care of the Moon Clan; he declared Andorin to be a son of the entire Fremennik people.

Various citizens of Rellekka were responsible for Andorin's upbringing. He was cared for and educated much like any other Fremennik child, though he was also trained in the ways of martial combat by the best Fremennik warriors of the time (including, at one point, the legendary brothers Marmaros and Thok). On the rare occasions that he was allowed to visit his mother Arian on Lunar Isle, he was fascinated by the magical abilities of the people of the Moon Clan. Eventually, he began sneaking out of Rellekka in a borrowed rowboat and traveling to Lunar Isle, where Arian began training him in the ways of magic, unbeknownst to the Fremennik. He proved gifted from the beginning, due to his Moon Clan blood, and by the time he was a young adult he excelled at the magical arts.

Rite of passage[edit | edit source]

According to Fremennik tradition, in order to make the transition from a boy to a man, Andorin was sent alone to recover trollweiss, a rare flower, from troll country. He managed to acquire a trollweiss flower, but was caught and pursued by mountain trolls on his way back to Rellekka. Losing his footing along a cliff, he tumbled into the barren, cursed land known only as the Wilderness. For days Andorin wandered the ashen plains of the Wild, searching for a way to return home. Eventually, to the far north, among the frigid Ice Plateau, he discovered the ruins of a long-abandoned fortress. It stood near a passageway that led out of the Wilderness, but the passageway was guarded by an extremely strong creature. His sword useless against its tough outer shell, it drove him back into a corner; just as he was about to be incinerated by its fiery breath, he called upon his magical training and caused a wall to collapse, slaying the creature.

Major accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Duel with Nomad[edit | edit source]

The legendary duel with Nomad, the 'scourge of souls', took place beneath Edgeville in Nomad's secret lair. Drawn by the peculiar behavior of Nomad, caretaker of the Soul Obelisk, Andorin investigated the area and found the entrance to a cavernous underground temple. After navigating its corridors and avoiding or defeating its monstrous inhabitants, he was able to reach Nomad, who revealed that he had created the Soul Obelisk in order to harvest souls with which to bolster his own strength.

Despite that Nomad had already grown enormously powerful, Andorin challenged him to a duel in order to prevent him from harvesting any more souls. The result was a full-scale Magic war between two grandmaster-class battlemages that lasted for days. Andorin's natural Magic skill was pitted against the thousands of souls with which Nomad had augmented his own power, and despite being deep underground, the impacts of their spells were strong enough to shake the earth. The frequent tremors caused a temporary evacuation of Edgeville, whose inhabitants were unaware of the duel, out of fears of earthquakes.

Eventually, with a final massive explosion of fire, Andorin achieved victory against Nomad, whose final words foretold the world's oncoming end. He collapsed after the battle, nearly dead from exhaustion and his injuries, and spent nearly a month recovering in a hospital bed. Upon awakening, he was disturbed by the news that Nomad's body had not been found in the ruins of his temple. Once he recovered from his injuries, he began training every day, in case he ever has to face the 'scourge of souls' again.

Activism against Lucien[edit | edit source]

Andorin was recruited by the Guardians of Armadyl to spy on Lucien, a rogue Mahjarrat. Rumors that Lucien had obtained the Staff of Armadyl, a powerful artifact, disturbed the Temple Knights, and Andorin was sent to gather information on Lucien's whereabouts and plans. By infiltrating the base of operations of Movario, a treasure hunter under the employ of Lucien, and capturing Lucien's lieutenant Surok Magis, Andorin was able to learn that Lucien was in the Wilderness, and that he was raising an undead army. A team of heroes was assembled to stop the Mahjarrat, but most were easily slain by Lucien's magic. Andorin barely escaped with his life, but vowed to avenge his fallen companions by destroying Lucien at any cost.

Later, Andorin uncovered the Ancient Guthix Temple far beneath Lumbridge, where he also found the legendary Stone of Jas. After defeating the Stone's guardian, Andorin watched as Lucien appeared and cast Daemonicas Abhoris to summon tormented demons in the Temple. However, the Stone of Jas bolstered Andorin's strength to unthinkable levels; infused with the incredible power of the Stone, he was easily able to destroy the tormented demons, but was unable to prevent Lucien from stealing the Stone.

Andorin currently awaits word from the Guardians of Armadyl on Lucien's whereabouts, and he is restless in his need to slay Lucien and achieve his vengeance.

Relationships with the peoples of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Fremennik[edit | edit source]

Andorin maintains extremely close ties with the Fremmenik, the people of his homeland.

In more recent years, Andorin has come to the aid of the Fremmenik in a number of ways. He was present during the dagannoth assault on Rellekka and helped drive back the invasion, personally slaying a large number of attacking dagannoth. When the Fremennik of Rellekka launched a counterattack on Waterbirth Island, home of the dagannoth, Andorin used the legendary greataxe Balmung to defeat the dagannoth mother. He was able to negotiate a dispute between the kingdoms of Miscellania and Etceteria; the inhabitants were so grateful that they made him regent.

Dwarves[edit | edit source]

Elves[edit | edit source]