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Why I'm still angry at the RuneScape wiki, over a year later.

I feel I was treated unfairly by the community as a whole. In fact, I felt positively attacked. I was doing my job as an admin when I closed Ansela's thread. I had a genuine interest in getting it closed and over & done with, because the arguing about the situation was getting to be a bit too much. I seemed to be the only active admin who hadn't weighed in either way about the issue, so I volunteered to be the closer. Nobody objected, so I took the arguments of each and every person who had contributed to the thread and carefully weighed them. I considered them alongside existing policy & precedent and came up with the solution that I felt was best.

Clearly that decision was the incorrect one, because right after I closed the thread I received a firestorm of criticism on my talk page from people who had passionately supported Ansela's de-opping. It was a bad decision, I wasn't qualified to close the thread, a crat should have done it (funny how nobody made this particular argument until after I'd closed it), etc etc. And you want to know how I felt? Terrible. I had done what I felt to be the best possible job in making my decision. That decision had ended up being the wrong one, which is not the issue; the issue is that everyone implied that I had a personal bias, an agenda, and that I had made my closing decision in bad faith. Since that wasn't the case, I was really upset. How can you even argue against an accusation like that? I suddenly felt incredibly sick of RS wiki drama and I knew that my position of administrator would not survive this much controversy, so I reversed my decision, reopened the thread, resigned as admin, and left the site - but I've been angry about it ever since.

This wiki is the best RS fansite on the Internet. Screw what Jagex says with their fansite ranks, this fansite outdoes every single other one. I thought it was really cool when I saw that this has become Wikia's #1 wiki. And the entire reason it's so good is because it has a community of volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their time to take images, write articles, and connect it all in a way that gives the best possible presentation of the best possible information to the reader. This is the sort of dedication and enthusiasm that RuneScape spawns, and trust me, I love seeing it. Hell, I'm as big a RuneScape fan as anyone you'll ever meet. And I know this wiki, because I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours writing and editing content for it over the past several years - all for free, all because of my enthusiasm for RuneScape. I'm proud of what this wiki has accomplished.

I haven't edited very much since I resigned as admin over a year ago, but I would like to. I like writing articles, and with the Sixth Age happening, I want to help with documenting it. However, I'm not convinced that I'm welcome here anymore. Maybe I'll edit under a different account. I dunno. But I had honest and good faith intentions when I made the decision that I did, and I was pretty hurt when the community as a whole threw me under the bus for it. When you've invested as much time and effort into the site like I have, that's not a blow that you easily come back from.

There's one more thing I would like to note. Cook Me Plox, you in particular maliciously screwed me over. You took a private conversation that we had, dramatically exaggerated something I'd said, and posted it publicly in a completely misleading way that drew in more support for your position. What you did was slimy and mean, and I'm still furious at the utter dishonesty that you displayed that day. It's also worth noting that this wasn't the first time you had abused the confidence of another editor by disclosing the contents of a private conversation with them and twisting their words to suit your goals - remember Fergie's RfA? Yeah. You might have done this under the belief that you were acting in the wiki's best interests, but I don't think the wiki's best interests will ever be served by deliberately distorting what someone says in order to defame them. I can only hope that since then you haven't pulled this crap against any other editors. It is completely unacceptable behavior for anyone, much less someone who is essentially the wiki's public face. And that's all I have to say about that, because I will never again talk to you without another user present.