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Hello RuneScapers, my Username is Amrit18. I've been playing RuneScape for about 4 years. I enjoy playing RuneScape every second, the skills, quests, mini-games etc. As years pass by, I have noticed RuneScape has been getting better and better as a game. I find this game educational and will benefit me in life. I have many friends in the game, who I choose wisely and a few from real life. I help them as much as I can and they do too for me, but not just my friends, players who I meet in-game who require help. I try to be a loyal citizen in the RuneScape community, so I may help the game from cheaters and rule breakers. I find this "RuneScape Wiki" very help for quests and such. The RuneScape Knowledge Base is one the best places to answer your question, this RuneScape Wiki can be an alternative.

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