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This Noob wanders Gilienor under the guise of "Among Heroes"; it is usually found in the "world-fohty," and has been known to venture as far as "world-one," "world-one-hunndo-fohty-one," "world-twenty-one (fo hunndo)," and "world-fitty-seven. This Particular Noob is very fond of violence, and will attack on sight whenever able. If This Noob is unable to engage physically (pixally?), This Noob will then engage verbally (textually?) with the wild abandon of true gamer rage. (please don't click it)

With devastating comboes from This Noob's dull wit, poor HTML editing skills, and lack of formal education, Jamglaze has upped This Noob's Slayer requirement to 101, effectively accomplishing nothing whatsoever again.

If any poor humble-mumble-joe out there were to stumble upon This Noob at an hour near lunchtime, it would be a very, very dire hour for that poor humble-mumble-joe indeed.

Fight the power with caution.