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Everyone: Feel free to add to the list! Let's try to get to 100!

7, 8, 9, 10... Reasons You know you play too much RuneScape / Spend Too much Time on the RuneScape Wiki:

(P.S. This is just for fun and based off something I've seen for another game, Age of the Empires. Also, some/most of these actually don't mean anything but that you're a really devoted person to RuneScape and the Runescape Wiki, so these are more like a bunch of things that are really big accomplishments).

  1. You decide to edit this for fun and have one or more items on this list that apply to you. (like me)
  2. You get random people on RuneScape asking to be your friend.
  3. You try to build a chair by taking some planks and banging on the ground with a hammer.
  4. You try to walk through a crowd of people in front of you.
  5. You suddenly realize that you've been on RuneScape all night and forgot so sleep.
  6. You find that your total time spend on RuneScape exceeds one year.
  7. You wonder why chopping down a tree takes so long.
  8. You start to wonder if that grey rock by your house is actually a penguin in disguise...
  9. When someone calls you your name and you wonder who they're talking to because you live by your username
  10. When you decide to try to take a bunch of logs and rub them with a knife to make a bunch headless arrows.
  11. When you try to get somewhere by throwing a rock at the ground.
  12. When you try to catch real sharks with your hands.
  13. When you bury ashes in the ground thinking it will bring some benefit to you.
  14. When you try to mix random plants from your garden and plant roots together and drink it, thinking it will make you stronger.
  15. When you automatically think of Dungeoneering instead of crap when someone says 'dung'.
  16. When you get into a fight at school and try to cast ice barrage at your opponent.
  17. When you start randomly drawing rune symbols on rocks.
  18. When you lose that stubborn 10 lbs that dieting couldn't shift because you forgot to eat for 14 hours.
  19. You point at your cat and attempt to siphon runes from it.
  20. You shout "Taste Vengeance" whenever someone touches you.
  21. Whenever you cook you wonder why you didn't get experience and say it's a glitch.
  22. Whenever you need money you try to go to the Grand Exchange.
  23. You randomly walk up to people and punch them in an attempt to get their drops.
  24. Whenever you are asked to do something, you attempt to open rs wiki to figure out how to complete the quest.
  25. You take a book, draw a chalk circle and sit, trying to teleport to Lumbridge.
  26. You say "LOL" and "Noob!" in real life.
  27. You ask your friends if they want to go slay some chickens.
  28. You don't dig in the yard because you know "Nothing interesting happens."
  29. You feel naked without a cape.
  30. when someone throws something at you and yells "think fast!" and your first thought is to activate protect from ranged.
  31. when you bake eggs for days, hoping to suddenly learn how to make a creme brulee.
  32. When you wonder how something is made and your first thought is how RuneScape makes it (i.e. molten glass).
  33. When you're in a situation that makes you say: "This reminds me of a game I play called RuneScape."
  34. You make an assignment in school about or based on playing RuneScape.
  35. You take an unnecessarily long amount of time thinking about awkward past memories of RuneScape and post them here.