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High-speed Tormented Demon guide[edit | edit source]

Hi! :) After reading this entire guide and doing enough practice, you'll be able to get 140-180 TD kills per hour. It's great money, it's great charms, and it's great fun!

Note that this is a guide of how I kill TDs, and not a guide on achieving the mathematically perfect strategy, because I'm not omnipotent. By the time you've gone through this guide, you should be able to experiment with your own strategies too.

Setup[edit | edit source]

This guide only covers Ranged/Magic hybridding because that's the only type I've ever tried and I don't plan on changing. Attacking from a distance is great here.

I much prefer to use 2-handed weapons because it makes swapping easier, but you can always go dual-wield if you want. For example, you could use an Ascension crossbow with Death Lotus darts instead of a Noxious bow.

I use Void because it's hybrid armor (fewer items to swap) and it also increases your accuracy and damage. You could try Warpriest if you don't want to even bother with helm swapping, though swapping a helm isn't a big deal as seen later in this section.

My actual worn equipment is

  • Void ranged and magic helm
  • Void robe top
  • Void robe bottom
  • Void gloves
  • Hybrid boots (I just go with warpriest)
  • Tirannwn quiver (prayer bonus)
  • Dragon rider amulet
  • Ring of wealth (feel free to swap this one out)
  • Charming imp/sign of life/holy wrench/whatever random pocket slot item you like. Scrimshaws aren't worth it.
  • Ardougne cloak 4 (Honestly, I wear this more just because I like it, but it is a hybrid cape with decent stats, including +4 prayer bonus. Don't forget armor bonus isn't very important at TDs because you're going to be praying against them)
  • Vampyrism aura (This is key to survival, especially without a yak, but it only lasts for 1 hour unless you use vis wax to extend it before you start)
  • Noxious bow (Royal crossbow otherwise) and Chaotic staff. I actually take a noxious staff alongside the chaotic, but if you plan on taking only one, I'd recommend the chaotic. More on that later.

Action bar[edit | edit source]

At TDs, I personally choose to click abilities off the books instead of using the action bar, which means I don't have to swap action bars and that I can put virtually everything else on there instead.

  • Saradomin brew flask (6).png
  • Prayer flask (6).png
  • Holy water.png
  • Void knight ranger helm.png
  • Royal crossbow.png
  • Void knight mage helm.png
  • Chaotic staff.png
  • Noxious staff.png
  • Anguish.png
  • Torment.png
  • Deflect Missiles.png
  • Deflect Magic.png
  • Deflect Melee.png
  • Sacrifice.png

Naturally you'll use different keybinds than I do, so see these as just a suggestion. (I'm right-handed so I use my left for the keys, but this should be flippable)

  • Food/High Level Alchemy (this is great once you're comfortable not to have food on your bar) - 1
  • Prayer potion - 2
  • Holy water - 3
  • Void ranged helm - Q
  • Noxious bow/Royal crossbow - W
  • Void magic helm - E
  • Chaotic staff - R
  • Noxious staff - T
  • Anguish - A
  • Torment - S
  • Deflect Missiles - Z
  • Deflect Magic - X
  • Deflect Melee - C
  • Sacrifice - D

When I'm using Magic and I want to swap to Ranged, I bring my fingers down on Q and W at the same time, which is easy because they're next to each other, and then I move down a bit and hit A. When I swap to Magic, I hit E and R and then hit S. Everything feels really natural, and it's extremely helpful. Even if you don't like clicking abilities off the book, I'd still recommend giving this a try.

If you plan on dual-wielding, you'll need to make a few changes. You'll be using more slots on the action bar, but you can always sacrifice the Food key or the Sacrifice key. You'll also want to alter your keybinds, so for example with Ranged you can use Q, W, and E. I personally never got into dual-wielding even only with Ranged, but if you like it, that's fine. One warning I have though is that dual-wielded weapons are fast, making it very easy to accidentally throw in an autoattack. Unless you click the ground to stop from attacking, this can really disrupt the ability chains covered a few sections down.

Just one more tip: I drag my Ranged and Magic ability books out next to each other so I don't have to keep flicking between them.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Obviously there's a lot of room for personal preference here, and I'm not saying what I've got shown is optimal. When using a yak, I do something like what's shown on the right (you don't see the bow because I'm wielding it). The grayish potion is weapon poison++, though don't worry about it really.

Holy overload potion (6).pngHoly overload potion (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).png
Prayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).png
Prayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Void knight mage helm.pngChaotic staff.pngHoly water.png50Enhanced Excalibur.png
Shark.pngShark.pngWeapon poison++ flask (6).pngSmoke rune.png250
Shark.pngShark.pngCharming imp.pngNature rune.png250
Games necklace.pngSapphire lantern (lit).pngPack Yak scroll (Winter Storage).png100Teleport to house.png5

Meanwhile, the yak is full with food. 10 prayer flasks should be enough to last an hour, though I personally do my trips 54 minutes long with 9 doses of holy overload (1 and a half flasks).

The smoke runes are for Fire Surge and the natures are for alching. I set my charming imp to only pick up blues and crimsons, but you can always reconfigure it partway through the trip when you have more space after using up flasks. Also, with the yak, you can bank your games necklace and your sapphire lantern for 2 free spaces.

I've heard of people using an attuned ectoplasmator to restore prayer with the demon horn necklace but I haven't tried it myself.

My inventory and tips for using a combat familiar are farther down this guide, though I'd definitely recommend starting with a yak.

Getting started![edit | edit source]

It's easiest to start practicing the techniques in this section by facing one tormented demon at a time. See Tormented demon/Strategies#Luring for some tips. If you don't know the general TD mechanics, I'd recommend skimming through that page.

Okay, so you know the 3100 damage limit per combat style? Remember that it doesn't actually lower the damage of your abilities, even if you go over 3100. For example, if you've dealt 3000 damage, your next attack will still do full damage before the TD changes prayer, even if you use something high-hitting like Snipe.

This leads us to...

  • Snapshot will always deal its two hits, even if the first takes you over 3100 cumulative Ranged damage. Optimally this can get you to deal a total of like 9k damage or something before you swap to Magic.
  • Wild Magic will do the same, unless the first hit is larger than 3100. Note that the second hit has a bit of delay before showing up.
  • Asphyxiate will land two hits and allow you to chain a 3rd by spam-clicking a fast ability immediately. The only way for this to fail is if the first hit of Asphyxiate hits over 3100, thus ending the combo.
    • When I say fast ability, I mean an ability that activates immediately. I use Deep Impact/Impact/Wrack over Sonic Wave, which has too long an animation and won't hit in time.
    • Because the combo breaks if you hit too high, a Chaotic staff is preferable to a Noxious one here. When taking one staff, I personally prefer to take the Chaotic, though I now take both staves, using the Noxious one in all situations except for this. The Noxious staff with Wild Magic's first hit doesn't seem to be a problem for me however.
  • Snipe is great because it's good dps and hits far past the damage cap compared to other basics.
  • Dragon Breath is great for the same reasons as Snipe.

So here's a detailed step-by-step of my ability process when killing a TD. Note that you generally have all the adrenaline you need for thresholds, but if you fall under, prioritize Dazing Shot+Snipe, and Sonic Wave+Dragon Breath.

0 (after the previous kill). I swap to void ranged, anguish and holy water (using the action bar for each of these) after having killed the previous TD

1. I click Piercing Shot from my book and then left-click on the TD I want to kill. This takes down the fire shield from a distance without wasting a strong, high-cooldown ability.

2. I swap to my bow and use Dazing Shot because it's strong and it inches the damage dealt closer to 3100

3. I use Snapshot if it's off cooldown, otherwise I use Snipe

4. I swap to Magic

5. I use Sonic Wave + Wild Magic or Asphyxiate+Impact/Deep Impact/Wrack

6. I swap to Ranged

7. I use Dazing Shot and then Snapshot/Snipe (whichever one is off cooldown, in other words the one I didn't use on step 3)

8. I swap to Magic

9. I use the Magic combo I didn't just use on step 5

Repeat steps 2-9 as necessary until the TD is dead.

Note that the list will be a little different if you're doing the timed holy water/darklight swap that downs the fire shield with a full hit. There's more on that later, but don't worry about it for now.

A small but important realization I had at some point[edit | edit source]

All right, so you know that ideal/technique where you inch your damage dealt closer to 3100 so you can have done as much as possible before using your high-hitting ability? In other words, doing as much damage as you can before changing style?

Well actually, it doesn't really matter.

Put it this way. If you're having to use say, Piercing Shots and Wracks to inch that damage closer, you're wasting dps by using low-hitting abilities. Because swapping styles isn't hard at all with the action bar, it's better to change style and carry on with strong abilities than to stall with weak ones. So even if your Dazing Shot hits really low or misses completely, go ahead and use Snapshot anyway. Likewise, if your Sonic Wave fails, go ahead and use Wild Magic.

In the summary above describing how I kill a TD, notice that I don't waste my time on random Piercing Shots and Wracks. Sonic Wave and Dazing Shot are good "filler" basics because they're strong.

Good luck![edit | edit source]

So good luck, and have fun trying these things out! Your individual kill speeds should improve and you'll get used to all the swapping and stuff with time.

Whenever you're ready, try throwing in some of the techniques below!

Advanced techniques[edit | edit source]

Welcome to where TDs just get even better! Note that you don't need to tackle these in a set order, though I've tried to list them from most important to least important.

Running around the room[edit | edit source]

I don't know how you've killed TDs so far, but I started out by killing mostly the three that spawned towards the north of the room. That involved luring and occasionally waiting for them to spawn. By forgoing luring behind the rock, you will drastically increase your TDs per hour.

Surge is easy to access if you have your ability book open, so use it to get around the room quickly. You can even try surging diagonally to cover more distance. This might get you to take a lot of damage at first, but as you gain experience, you'll be able to improvise rough safespots behind pillars, the Stone of Jas plinth, and even some random rocky lantern on the floor to the south of the room. You'll also get a feel for where they spawn, so you'll have an idea where to go for your next kill.

As you get bolder, you'll often have two TDs attacking you at once, but you can prayer-flick between them in the short time before you kill one of those two.

The Vampyrism aura and/or a yak is essential to do this for a whole trip.

Ignoring loot piles[edit | edit source]

How far you take this is up to you, though remember it's not so bad to sacrifice rune maces for more kills and thus more dragon limbs. Pretty much, you don't pay attention to drops unless you get a golden loot beam, you see a broadcast message with your name on it, or you see something red on the floor. The charming imp is great for this.

Ignoring loot piles mean you don't go out of your way to pick junk up but also means you can Surge away right after killing a TD, rather than waiting for 2 avantoe seeds or something to show up.

Holy water/darklight swap[edit | edit source]

This takes a while to learn and might not sound worth it, but it really does make a difference and is quite fun! When approaching a fresh TD with your bow wielded, you click an ability (Dazing Shot), left-click on the TD to initiate combat, and just as the attacking animation starts, you hit your keybind for holy water. If you get the timing right, you get your bow's full Dazing Shot damage, but you've tricked the TD into thinking you attacked with holy water, so the fire shield goes down anyway. After swapping back to your main Ranged weapon, you can proceed directly to use Snapshot/Snipe. You can practice this on training dummies, so get a feel for it there before trying it on TDs themselves.

A few warnings:

  • As with any attack, it's possible to miss on this one. If you see the shield hitsplat, you've missed. I just use Piercing Shot while I still have the holy water equipped.
  • If you swap to your holy water too early, you'll cancel Dazing Shot. When this happens, you can swap back to your main weapon and start the combo again (the ability won't be on cooldown as it has not been used), though it'll know you've targeted something and you'll attack the TD right when you click Dazing Shot (you won't have to left-click the TD the second time). Sometimes I don't bother swapping back, and I just use Piercing Shot while I still have the holy water equipped.
  • If you swap to your holy water too late, the fire shield won't go down and you'll have only dealt the holy water's Dazing Shot damage. If you screw up and deal too much Ranged damage, you'll have to use Magic to change the TD's prayer before trying again.
  • Wait a bit before swapping back to your main Ranged weapon. I'm not saying you have to stall for an obnoxious amount of time, but if you try to swap back too quickly, the action won't register and when you fire off Snapshot/Snipe, you'll still have the holy water equipped, and you'll deal pitiful damage.
  • Darklight can be used for this instead of holy water, though I'd recommend against it because as a melee weapon it will make you run towards the TD. Note that I haven't actually tried using it, so for all I know this isn't an issue.

Do you remember my individual TD walkthrough from earlier? Once you've learned this trick, steps 0-2 will instead be

0 (after the previous kill). I swap to void ranged, anguish and my bow (using the action bar for each of these) after having killed the previous TD

1. I click Dazing Shot from my book and then left-click on the TD I want to kill

2. I do the holy water swap, taking down the fire shield while still dealing high damage

This takes a while to get down but it feels worth it afterwards, trust me. :)

Combat familiar[edit | edit source]

Holy overload potion (6).pngHoly overload potion (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).png
Prayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).png
Prayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Void knight mage helm.pngChaotic staff.pngHoly water.png50Noxious staff.png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngPack Yak scroll (Winter Storage).png2Weapon poison++ flask (6).pngSmoke rune.png250
Games necklace.pngSapphire lantern (lit).pngEnhanced Excalibur.pngNature rune.png250
Iron titan pouch.pngIron Titan scroll (Iron Within).png250Charming imp.pngTeleport to house.png5

Warning: You need to be able to survive with only a few brew flasks in your inventory. Fortunately, the Vampyrism aura, Enhanced Excalibur's special, and Sacrifice add up to a lot of healing!

I know that some people use Steel Titans, but given that I use Ranged and Magic and the Steel Titan likes to use Ranged, I don't want to risk it screwing with the TD's prayer and speccing when the TD is already praying Ranged. Instead I recommend an Iron Titan. These primarily use Melee, even when speccing, and even though their occasional Magic attack can mess you up, it's not too bad. They also have high accuracy compared to Talon Beasts, which are pretty good too, as their non-specs are strong and they only use Melee (you don't need scrolls if taking these). I think I use around 120 Iron Within scrolls in an hour.

I set my follower left-click option to Call Follower, so if mine stupidly gets stuck behind a pillar or is otherwise absent, I can fix it.

One thing you'll have to account for is your inventory when starting your trip. You want to maximize your healing potential by minimizing your empty inventory slots, which you don't need many at all of. On the right is what I do (again, you don't see the bow because I'm wielding it).

Before using the games necklace, I summon a yak and put three brew flasks in. I bank the necklace and lantern when I'm done with them, withdraw everything from my yak, and dismiss it. Once I summon my titan and put the scrolls in, I've got two inventory spaces for my blues and crimsons. If I'm taking a triple-charm ticket, I just swap one of the brews out.

Two staves[edit | edit source]

Do you remember how Asphyxiate ends after the first hit if that hit is over 3100? That's why I don't like to rely solely on a Noxious staff. However if you take one with a Chaotic, you're free to swap as required.

With the keybinds mentioned farther up, what I do is hit E and R when I'm about to cast Asphyxiate+Impact/Deep Impact/Wrack. In all other situations I use E and T for the Noxious.

Even though Wild Magic also ends if the first hit exceeds 3100, it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem for me. Though because this is all configuration it's easy for you to do otherwise if you disagree.