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"Diary" of D Vader96:

3/15/07 - The Racist Noob
I was in Lumbridge, and had just acquired full black armor. As a little victory cry, I shouted "I own!" Then some lvl 3 noob walked up to me and said "U ****!" Then he started calling me a Jew (I'm a Lutheran), then he insulted Jesus and started cussing me out. A couple of users (who I am now friends with) came by and started telling him to shut up. He didn't, of course. The 3 of us followed him to Varrock, where he continued ranting his racist comments, so we started insulting him. A Player Moderator later p-med me saying that the lvl 3 had been dealt with, much to my relief. Of course, he then got on his other account and started p-ming us with more spam. My 2 friends & I are currently searching for him...