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Hi. I'm new to this Wiki, but I'm a long time RS player.
My account name is Almost Genie. Umm that's about it =D
I love these user boxes. It's so damn awesome =D
Over my 5 accounts, I've had pretty much every holiday item (excluding party hats and Christmas crackers.)
I don't talk much on Private Chat, but I do like Clan Chats and I might be found in the R S Wikia one =)

I'm aiming for these goals:

Skill Target Reason
Attack 70 To wield Veracs Flail.
Defense 80+ To Tank and not take as much damage.
Strength 50 For a quest. Additionally, I might get a couple high hits in.
Hitpoints 99 Not to fussed, just seems a good idea.
Ranged 99 My primary attack method, it's awesome.
Prayer 75+ To have a good number of prayer points.
Magic 59 Fire Blast! Muhahah!
Slayer 85+ To slay Abyssal Demons.
Summoning 70+ To get a Magpie, and a Stranger Plant, plus it seems a good number.
Woodcutting 80+ To cut Magics quicker.
Mining 60 To mine Mithril moderatly fast.
Farming 40 A good round number.
Hunter 66+ For the Spottier Cape, and I can get it higher for Chins if I want
Fishing 80+ So I can fish Sharks fairly quickly.
Cooking 99 'Cas cooking kicks ass.
Firemaking 60+ To burn regular yews, the best I'll want to burn.
Crafting 84 To make my own Full Black D'Hide.
Smithing 68+ To make full Mith, for PvPs mainly.
Herblore 85 To make every available potion and mix.
RuneCrafting 65 To craft my own Death Runes.
Fletching 95 To make any kind of bolt, bow and arrow.
Construction 40 Because it's a good number.
Agility 99 I can haz fast run regen pl0x.
Thieving 92 To do all theiving things.

I'm currently saving up for:
240 cannon balls
Dark bow
Chaos Runes
Full Black D'Hide
4 Pages for Unholy Book. Then I'm getting the Holy Book after.
Mystic- I've got the Dark / Zamorak ones.
Full Rune
Verac's Set

Also I'll add my dream list after (Full Drag, Red PHat etc.)

Other Goals:
Earn a Fire Cape
Complete RfD
Defeat the Kalphite Queen
Kill the following Revenant: Vampire (solo) and Dragon (team)

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Strength through wisdom.
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We hate people who call lower level players 'noobs'.
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