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I've been playing RS since 2003. I've edited a few pages before under a different username or without logging in so not all my contributions will show up. I used to be huge on PKing when this game first came out but eventually I grew out of it and started focusing on questing, skilling, and mostly just enjoying new content. I try my best to check out every update that comes to Runescape and I could care less about in game wealth or racing on the top in the highscores. I play Runescape because it's a game and I want to have fun. Level grinding and item flipping is NOT fun to me.. It's more of a chore. Recently I try to get the majority of my exp from lamps, D&D rewards, etc. I have grinded a few stats to 99 though back in the day. I have 7 99s. It's just that I have a job now and bills that I have to pay.. Real responsibilities that I have to worry about so I only play for relaxation or leisure now.

My username is All Gods Die