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Team cape runs[edit | edit source]

Team cape runs are runs to the Wilderness' Team cape vendors, to buy the maximum amount (10) of cape for 500, then selling them on the Grand Exchange. Capes usually don't sell, but it might result in huge profits and there's almost no money needed to buy the capes. The more popular capes are sometimes sold for 3,000.
The vendors can be found in the wilderness.

[[File:Wilderness team cape map.png|thumb|center|400px|Locations of the various cape vendors]] Keep an eye on the GE prices of individual team capes. Buying capes at Richard is easier to do, and the prices reflect that.
If the capes don't sell at first, then you should keep some in your bank to try a next time. The market is easily satisfied, but usually too lazy to do the runs themselves, and any lost team capes will be bought from the GE at high prices to keep the stocks up.

Running to the vendors can be risky on crowded wilderness servers. It's not recommended to wear anything on these runs, because of the risk of bored PKers and because it speeds the runs up due to less run energy being wasted.