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[[File:Placeholder|right|300px]] ali baba613 is a runescape player that was playing since

around 2007.he is level 102 that doesnt like to train much.

ali baba613 hobbies are:[edit | edit source]

2.GOP (great orb project)

4.fist of guthix

5.clan wars

ali baba613's sayings:[edit | edit source]

1.I think runescape is very good,yet I hope they'll add emotes to the holiday quests.

2.everything us p2p now,I hope JAGEX will add new things for f2p.

trivia:[edit | edit source]

1.Ali baba613 despises SoF

2.Ali baba613 is currently in the clan:True Lords of RS1

3. Ali baba613's favorite worlds are : world 3 and world 80