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joined runescape:late october 2006 joined memebrship:early may 2007

Hi all!, I'm Alex da bad2, former H.A.M King of H.A.M poc, pirate and now more or less undead!.

This is my story,

my story started the same as any new player, i always tryed my best until it happened...

History of Ham CHAPTER I


The golden ages of H.A.M was started by a king his name is unknown his name has been lost in time.

One of the great leaders of ham and his compatuate Mr liam25 then Alex da bad2 joined in while the 2 compatuates were scouling around draynor village

The trio made quite a team and planed ideas for the conquest of the world ever since those days

Not too long after alex da bad's student Jacson900 join the infamous ham clan and later was made a idol of ham this ragged team of soliders started to make new recruits by the day soon I am liam05,Kierz222 Jamie of Heb join the ham clan after a while the empired expanded all the way from the fortress of Burthorpe to the swamp-ridden land of Morytania ham was thought to hav been the most powerful clan in the world and was thought that the king needed help to rule this vast empire so the ham nation made the council of ham to help with disicions and the members of ham gained areas the area and ppl are mentioned at the bottom:

The King got the valiant white city of Falador.

Mr Liam25 got the strounghold at Burthorpe stratigically capurted by Alex da bad2.

Jamie of Heb obtained the starter castle of Lumbridge.

Kierz222 got the surronding villages like Draynor, Port Sarim and Rimmington.

Alex Da Bad2 and Jacson900 claimed the lands of Varrock and the desert city of Al-Kharid.

While the relationship and infamousy of the ham clan was becoming notorious then the unfortunate happened a worth group of opponates like bally G01 and Ham killer5

A few times we were pushed to build a ham base in the wilderness and never sucsseded then after all this war mongering the worst thing know to civilised man happened the H.A.M Clan had a cival war with The King VS Alex Da Bad2

Alex Da Bad2 started doing stratigic manovers to weaken Policehunt1's forces the empire was split in two here is a list of captured lands

Alex da bad2's Kingdom:

Capital: Varrock

Counties owned: Al-Kharid


The Kings's Kingdom

Capital: unknown possibly Falador

Counties owned: Port Sarim

               Black knights fortress.

The battle was fierce and was ended by utter silance as neither side had the man power left to fight they had lost the will power to lift a sword into battle.

So ended the golden years...................................................



This was a dark age with out law and without order the empire crumbled back to were it began to the Ham HQ

The monarchy had fallen and a new leader was reborn Jacson900 became king after the civil war and with not much to control but the meager villages and defences there is not much recorded down from this dark dull age and even though he tried very hard the bravehearted Jacson900 could not join ham up again and resigned his post then the world of ham stood still for half a year.



After the half a year of training and dullness Alex the bad2 walked past the unclaimed land of Ardougne and looked in pity and thought to himself why bother? why do I look distressed? and instantly remember about ham and tried to contact Jacson900 yet no responce to his messages so he decided to rebuild on the foundations of the ruined ham and brought along many voulanteers to help then came a valient warrior known as Velma142 a gentleman of words and a honourable warrior and he helped to rebuild and control the fussy voulanteers then out of the blue came an old freind and a worthy opponant policehunt1 and his compadre mr liam25 came to alex da bad2 face to face.



The talks were fierce if anything but Alex da bad2 two gave in and let the two join all over again making them swear loyalty to Alex da bad2 and ham, two days past and by no surprise The ex-King played his trap for alex and ham he made a council playin by the history book and made the council make him leader by a single vote alex was still leader and unimpressed by this he sent a men of his to spy on Policehunt1 for the rest of the week,

Knowing he was being folowed, The ex-King waited a whole 2 weeks before trying it again at the time Alex da bad2 was making trade relations with other clans for valuable goods found abroad like Karajma and other containants then alex da bad to got a message wanting him to come to The ex-King's basement sceptic he ordered Velma142 to come along and wait upstairs he wanted a revote for leader and by a single point The ex-King was made leader and ordered Alex da bad2 to be exiled to the desert for eternity.

The devoted king of ham Alex da bad2 was not goin to go down without a fight and decided to call all men only to find out that Policehunt stolen most of his men immidently he began calling up mercinaries including the archer known as Aldrei to help fight this mighty war but this was not goin to be any war but a civil war the second civil war of H.A.M



H.A.M was split into two teams this time the tables had turned into The ex-King's favor he was the rebel and he had control of the main HAM army and to confuse Alex da bad's forces he appointed I am liam05 as leader of all rebel troops Alex Da Bad was not fooled by this trick i am liam was a string puppet in this war but this time Alex da bad2 was the king stuck in this mighty mess, it was almost certain that The ex-King would win but under the rules set by The ex-King in the golden years Alex da bad2 challenged The ex-King to a duel to the death in the wilderness

This was it the Final showdown between Alex da bad2 and The ex-King!

The two men brought there troops in case of a break in the agreement and that was precisly what happened the King Alex da bad2 used his strongest magical spells against this formidable opponant The ex-King had set another trap and Aldrei freindly fired his arrows into Alex da bad2's white mage clothing it stuck heavy and hard but luckly came out Alex Da Bad2 sent his forces lower into the wilderness to prevent further injustice while killing the traitor Aldrei a mysterious figure came up and asked The ex-King some questions then The ex-King started attacking this innocent person while in fighting The ex-King was poisoned by a dagger weilded by the figuare.

While Alex da bad2 and his forces spectacted The ex-King's forces looked in shock and horror as there leader ran to the nearest bank to deposit a antiposion to cure himself weither he got there and saved himself is a mystery in itself watever the outcome Alex da bad2 escorted Mr liam25 The ex-King's right hand man to the palace of ham to descuss terms and conditions

ever since that fateful day Alex da bad2 sworn not to enter the volcano at Karajma since The ex-King's gang taken refuge there and created a perminant peace treaty with policehunt1 and eversince then Alex da bad2 has been tring to regain lost land



The Age Of Alliences was bent on making allies with ham they made alliences with runescape the members of other games though most of them failed they managed to make an allienship with the bravehearted RF clan and they also made the old enermies of ham allies with ham it looked like hams luck was changing after all.

Even better they managed to recruit more people for ham that were not goin to betray ham at all.including Mr liam25!.



The Age Of Madness speaks for itself the time when hams allies betrayed the ham nation The Ex-King's forces attacked the king and whats worse they stolen Mr liam25's account and gave Alex da bad2 a right beating.

Alex da bad2 was bleesed by guthix that day and managed to get out of the wilderness though beaten servierly and almost half out of his mind he was discovered by Lvl 3 Yaay Mr liam's new skiller account and brought him to ham to recover then Worse.

Sabo invited Alex da bad2 to a feast in his land of relleka only to find out it was a trap he set a king's ransom for Alex da bad2 safe return.

Alex da bad2 however teleported out of the trap and escaped but Sabo claimed A part of the ham nation as his own he conquered miscellania from ham.

A war was about to break out so Alex da bad2 gathered what soliders he had left and called upon his allies for reinforcement's jacson900 agreed and began gathering his forces as well but RF refused to surply Ham with the much need reinforcement it so need badly.

It seemed this WAS Ham's last stand.



Judgement day was upon us the day when hams last stand ment those very words has was up against an old foe, a scoundrel of no words and the very essense of Zamorak breathing down our very souls, ham's men if any were lined up ready for war but instead Ex-king hit the heart of ham, the secret of all of hams communications and military action:The Ham Comunication servise each and every man slautered like pigs in a butchery.

With this main way of comunicating with the sergents to the king alike all ways destroyed and without it ham soon crumbled, but ham was not going down with the last say so and with that very action The ex king's forces were demolished along with ham.

The end (own edited story note; this story is biased, and some events exagerated)

so ended the years of me being the King of H.A.M

I was a corpse on the wilderness plain until the 2 freing mr liam25 and funkduder found me and revived me, now im more or less undead! lol!

unfortunalty, as you can guess war cost money, an aweful lot of money for me i had colonies in karajma to help pay of the debt of war, 10 mil to be precise.

after the war, having spent all that money, alex went into piracy and smuggled items from karajma to the mainland,until the grand exchange opened bring the market into shambles.

I am now a Member of another POC clan EOF and I bodyguard guard the princess not a bad job.

This character is a follower of Zaros formally a follower of Guthix