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TODO: -Runes -Vis Wax -Soul Obby -Crystal Flecked Sandstone

Feathers[edit | edit source]

Shop Location Notes
Ava's Odds and Ends Draynor Manor Must complete Animal Magnetism
Etceteria Fish Etceteria Castle Courtyard Must complete The Fremennik Trials
Fernahei's Fishing Hut Shilo Village (location) Must complete Shilo Village
Fishing Guild Shop Fishing Guild 68 Fishing
Fremennik Fishmonger Rellekka Must complete The Fremennik Trials
Gerrant's Fishy Business Port Sarim Shares stock with Lovecraft's Tackle
Gift Shop Oo'glog Must complete As a First Resort
Island Fishmonger Miscellania Castle Courtyard Must complete The Fremennik Trials
Lumbridge Fishing Supplies North of Lumbridge Castle None
Meena's Fishing Shop Port district of Menaphos Partial completion of The Jack of Spades is required to enter the city.
Shantay Pass Shop Shantay Pass, south of Al Kharid None