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Slayer has been put on hiatus for a while.

Abyssal demon icon.pngFavorite TasksDark beast icon.png[edit | edit source]

  1. Spiritual Mage
  2. Desert Strykewyrm
  3. TzHaar
  4. Daganoth
  5. Living Rock Creature
  6. Gargoyle
  7. Fire Giant
  8. Blue Dragon
  9. Dust Devil
  10. Hellhound

Abyssal whip.pngRare DropsDragon full helm.png[edit | edit source]

Sold drops

Draconic visage.pngDraconic Visage 1 -- Made into Dragonfire shield via Assist System and sold for 37.5M

Abyssal whip.png Abyssal whip 2 -- Sold for ~3.8M

Focus sight.png Focus Sight 1 -- Sold for ~998K

Amulet of ranging.png Amulet of Ranging 5 -- Sold for ~600k apiece

Shield left half.png Shield Halves 1 -- Sold for minimum on ge

Dragon platelegs.png Dragon Platelegs 3 -- Sold for ~900K-1M each

Dragon boots.png Dragon Boots 3 -- Sold for ~383K each

Granite maul.png Granite Maul 6 -- Sold for ~600K each

Granite legs.png Granite legs 1 -- Sold for 309K

Obsidian cape.png Obsidian Cape 1 -- Sold for 126K

Dragon spear.png Dragon spear 1 -- Sold for 37K

Kept drops

Focus sight.pngFocus Sight 1

Hexcrest.pngHexcrest 1

Ferocious ring (5).png Ferocious Ring 13

~56.98M profit from rare drops alone

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Living Rock Patriarch kills 2