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I am currently researching a evil demonic animal, that could very well be even more powerful than the Penguins! It can hit very high, use teleblock, freeze you, and hit through Protection Prayers. It's name... Omangaian!

I am also researching a distant cousin of the Omagaian, named the Delgaian. Although weaker than the Omagaian, this monster can not be killed with a normal weapon, and can only be killed with the Omagaian Fanged Dagger. Thus making the Delgaian more dangerous than the Omagaian, in some situtations, espically if you do not own a Omagaian Fanged Dagger. Also just like the Omagaian, can hit through Protection Prayers, and use teleblock. Luckily this monster is unagressive, and even if attacked, doesn't have the ability to freeze it's opponent, so there's a chance you could run away.