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Magic This user's highest skill is Magic, with a level of 76.
Runecrafting This user's lowest skill is Runecrafting, with a level of 39.
Hunter This user wishes they had a Hunter level of 99.
Quest icon fixed.png This user has completed all of the free quests.
Recipe for Disaster icon.png This user has defeated the Culinaromancer and saved Lumbridge from a disaster.
Lunar Diplomacy icon.png This user made a suit to visit their dreams in the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Slash Bash.png This user is a Zogre Flesh Eater, and killed Slash Bash.
Dragon Slayer icon.png This user has slayed Elvarg and completed Dragon Slayer.
Royal Trouble icon.png This user is the regent of Miscellania and Etceteria.
M'speak amulet.png This user has tracked down the 10th Squad in the Monkey Madness quest.
The Chosen Commander icon.png This user has completed the Dorgeshuun quest series.

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P2P icon.png This user is a member.
Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as Ajsrules27.
Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 95.