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Ajihad's Level 40 Lending
Lending quality armour and weapons
for all players!

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Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Delivery Fee
East Ardounge 50 gp (running) 200 gp (sailing)
Catherby 30 gp
Taverly 50 gp
Falador 20 gp (running) 200 gp (teleport)
Varrock 5 gp (canoeing from Lumbridge) 100 gp (teleport)
Lumbridge Free
Pollnivneach 500 gp

I lend on world 82 for members and world 1 for free players

Items[edit | edit source]

Item 1 hour fee
Rune 2h 500 gp
Rune Dagger (p++) (m) 300 gp
Rune Full Helm 200 gp
Rune Legs 300 gp
Green D'hide Body 200 gp
Green D'hide Chaps 150 gp
Green D'hide Vamb's 150 gp
Yew Longbow (m) 200 gp
Steel Crossbow (m) 200gp

Discounts[edit | edit source]

10-19 hours of lending=10% off (ex. Rune 2h for 10 hours is 500 gp off, 4,500 gp)

20-23 hours of lending=20% off (ex. Rune 2h for 20 hours is 1,000 gp off, 9,000 gp)

24 hours of lending=25% off (ex. Rune 2h for 24 hours is 3,000 gp of, 9,000 gp) (best value)

Note that discounts do not include delivery fees.

Requests[edit | edit source]

Post your request here. Use your signature if you have an account. If you don't have an account, post your RuneScape username. Either way, post your request and membership status (member or non member) next to your name. Any questions or suggestions, please post them on my talk page here. BTW I use Eastern Standard Time, so if you could use that it would be very appreciated. Maybe even an extra discount (free items).......

  • Example: I would like rune legs for 17 hours. I would like to meet in Falador. I need it now. Teleport there. THX, Joe (f2p) June 28 2008 10:11 EST

The price for that is..........4790 gp.

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