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Scene 1.[edit | edit source]

[Zaros appears through the soul wars portal]

Zaros: Muhahahahaaa… at last I have arrived. Now all there is to do is to conquer this world and rule this land. Muhahahahaa

[Zaros teleports using ancients]

Scene 2.[edit | edit source]

[Zaros is fighting using ice barrage in the menaphite camp in the kharidian desert]

Zaros: You call this a challenge? Hah, this is too easy. Now this land is mine!

Scene 3.[edit | edit source]

[Zaros is fighting the white knights of falador using blood or smoke barrage]

Zaros: is there no-one worthy to fight me?

[Zaros is fighting werewolves in canifis using blood or smoke barrage]

Zaros: even with inhuman powers, they still cannot defeat me!!