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Date Number of spins Rewards
1/9/2012 4

2x 50k, 1x 1k, 1x Medium xp lamp

2/9/2012 4 small fishing lamp, medium xp lamp, small runecrafting lamp, small xp lamp
3/9/2012 7 Double spin tiket, pendant of smithing, medium xp lamp, 1k, small smithing lamp, small xp lamp, 20x oak planks
4/9/2012 5 Pendant of ranging, 8x uncut sapphire, small cooking lamp(converted to 1k), 1k coins, queens guard shirt
5/9/2012 4 small defence lamp, small xp lamp, 20x oak planks, medium xp lamp
6/9/2012 - -
7/9/2012 7

5k, small mining lamp, 2x small xp lamp, 10x uncooked pizza, double spin ticket, 50k

8/9/2012 7 2x small xp lamp, 2x 5k, 2x alchemists part 1, 4x uncut emerald
9/9/2012 6

Pendan of defence, small xp lamp, alchemists part 1, 8x uncut sapphire, 1k, queens guard trousers

10/9/2012 6 Dragon ceremonial cape, 10x uncooked apple pie, double spin ticket, 2x small xp lamp, medium xp lamp
11/9/2012 4 medium cooking lamp, 4x uncut emerald, 15x teak plank, 1k
12/9/2012 5 1k, medium xp lamp, small constitution lamp, 2x uncut ruby, small xp lamp
13/9/2012 5 200k, 1k, 2x uncut ruby, summer storm ring, medium xp lamp
14/9/2012 4 small xp lamp, 1k, 2x medium xp lamp
15/9/2012 4 small fishing lamp, 2x small xp lamp, medium xp lamp
16/9/2012 6 pendant of mining, 1k, 5x green dragon leather, small xp lamp, Queens guard boots, medium woodcutting lamp
17/9/2012 8 medium xp lamp, double spin ticket, medium runecrafting lamp, 3x 1k, 2x small xp lamp
18/9/2012 4 small xp lamp, medium fletching lamp, 4x uncut emerald, 8x uncut sapphire
19/9/2012 7 prized pendant of woodcutting, double spin ticket, pendant of magic, small prayer lamp, small xp lamp, 20x oak plank, medium agility lamp
20/9/2012 5 small attack lamp, 20x big bones, 4x uncut sapphire, 1k, small xp lamp
21/9/2012 4 small ranged lamp, medium mining lamp, 40x law runes (converted), 1k
22/9/2012 5 1k, 100x water balloon, 40x oak plank, medium summoning lamp
23/9/2012 8 1k, 1k, pendant of runecrafting, uncut diamond, double spin ticket, 50k, medium herblore lamp, yew shortbow
24/9/2012 6 small smithing lamp, 40x impetious ashes, 5k, 2x 1k, small xp lamp
25/9/2012 4 200x water balloon, rune scimitar(converted), 1k
26/9/2012 8 2x small xp lamp, small constitution lamp, 50k, 2x medium xp lamp, 1k
27/9/2012 6 3x 1k, 200x water balloon, small cooking lamp
28/9/2012 6 4x1k, small xp lamp, 50k
29/9/2012 4 medium herblore lamp, 2x small xp lamp, 1k
30/9/2012 9 small xp lamp, 2x 5k, 2x 1k, double spin ticket, small attack lamp, medium xp lamp, small dungeoneering lamp