User:Agrith seth/SoF Log/November 2012

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Date Number of spins Rewards
1/11/2012 4

medium xp lamp, pendant of fishing, 10x uncooked apple pie, small attack lamp

2/11/2012 6 double spin ticket, 5 toffee apple, small smithing lamp, medium xp lamp, 2x uncut ruby, 5k
3/11/2012 2 5x sugar skull, adamant hatchet
4/11/2012 5 5x toffee apple, double spin ticket, small constitution lamp, small xp lamp, ghoulish mask
5/11/2012 6 5x sugar skull, double spin ticket, 5x day skill set recharge (1 day) (converted 10k), 400x steel arrow (converted 10800), 1k, 5x toffee apple
6/11/2012 2 d&d token (fish flingers), 40x law rune
7/11/2012 3 d&d token (shooting star), medium xp lamp, 20x seaweed
8/11/2012 4 1k, small constitution lamp, d&d token (the circus), 5x skill set recharge (1 day) (converted 10k)
9/11/2012 2 medium constitution lamp, 15 teak planks
10/11/2012 8 small crafting crate, 10x blue dragon scale, 5k, 1k, small mining lamp, 10x uncooked pizza, d&d token (pheonix lair), small dungeoneering lamp
11/11/2012 3 20x oak plank, 10x uncooked pizza, small xp lamp
12/11/2012 2 40x impetious ashes, 8x uncut sapphire
13/11/2012 2 1k, ________ (sorry forgot to fill it in and cant remember)
14/11/2012 5 small xp lamp, 5x varrock teleport, double spin ticket, small defence lamp, small smithing lamp
15/11/2012 6 2x1k, small crafting lamp, double spin ticket, small dungeoneering lamp, 5x varrock teleport
16/11/2012 2 5k, 5x small recharge gem (converted 5k)
17/11/2012 3 1k, 5k, 5x camelot teleport
18/11/2012 2 small woodcutting lamp, ring of duelling (8)
19/11/2012 2 50k, 5x supercompost
20/11/2012 2 medium smithing lamp, prismatic pendant
21/11/2012 7 2xDouble spin ticket, 2xsmall xp lamp, 5x supercompost, prismatic pendant, 5k
22/11/2012 2 5k, 5x skill set recharge (1 day)
23/11/2012 2 small farming crate, 5k
24/11/2012 3 100xCannonball, 2x uncut ruby, small xp lamp
25/11/2012 2 5x Green dragon leather, small xp lamp
26/11/2012  2  small xp lamp, medium magic lamp
27/11/2012  -  Didnt use spins
28/11/2012  - Didnt use spins
29/11/2012  10 2x1k, pendant of herblore, medium constitution lamp, double spin ticket, 20x oak plank, medium hunter lamp, small attack lamp, 2xsmall xp lamp,